NEWS | New Report Shows Diversity is Increasing in the U.S.A Camping Community

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Kampgrounds of America (KOA) recently released their 2021 North American Camping Report and their KOA 2021-2022 Camping Omnibus Survey results, showcasing recent changes in camper demographics and the camping industry.

Kampgrounds of America camping report

Diversity in the great outdoors is on the rise

Of 2020s 10.1 million first-time campers, 60% were people of color or from non-white communities. And nearly half of first-time Black and Hispanic campers shared that they started camping last year for reasons directly tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety first

36% of campers said that safety was their top priority when it came to camping and choosing a campsite. In the last 12 months, instances of feeling unsafe while camping because of one’s race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability have decreased by 7%.

Reports also show that private campgrounds have been some of the safest locations for women and people of color to visit the outdoors, with 90% of visitors saying they felt safe and comfortable while camping at privately-owned sites.

Young and active

Camping is attracting younger generations. The majority of campers, including 60% of first-time campers, were under 40 years-old in 2020. GenZ campers were the least likely to solo camp, with 96% opting to camp with friends, family, and/or other individuals.

Likewise, the number of groups camping with children increased 5% in the last year, as more families turned to camping as a vacation outing.

Kampgrounds of America camping report

Read the full Kampgrounds of America report here.

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