NEWS | Boutique Camping Pizza Oven Plus Wood Burning Stove Is Live On Kickstarter

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Outdoor recreation innovators, Boutique Camping are raising funds via a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter – aiming to raise £12.5K to finish the development of The Pizza Oven Plus.

Boutique Camping Pizza Oven on Kicstarter

Delivering unparalleled outdoor experiences by producing alluring ambiances and creative cook-offs, the Pizza Oven Plus’ ferocious 400° flames will turn up the heat and be the start, middle, and end highlight of your next outdoor or in tent adventure.

This portable stainless steel cooking appliance has 5-in-1 cooking capabilities, allowing you to stonebake 12” pizza in 4 minutes, all whilst frying, grilling, baking, warming and fire roasting simultaneously.

As well as an integrated temperature gauge, foldable legs and ergonomic-hold side grills, the Pizza Oven Plus has several other innovative design features guaranteed to turn your al-fresco escapade from basic to boutique; a cordierite stone, drool-worthy ceramic windows, PLUS fittings for an optional 4.5L kettle just to name a few

Pledge your support now for some great rewards, or pre-order yours over at Kickstarter.

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