Meet The Camping with Style Editorial Team

Camping with Style contributors all share a common love of the outdoors, nature, travel and camping, and are all either family or friends.

Shell Robshaw-Bryan Camping with Style

Shell Robshaw-Bryan, Founder and Editor

“I’m at my happiest when I’m outside, and I’ve never lost my childish curiosity or desire to explore and play in the great outdoors.”

Shell loves all things outdoors and is a nature-loving, comfy-camping kinda girl who strongly believes in the healing power of nature. A lover of all things alternative, Shell is a regular at gong meditations, kirtan chanting and more recently is learning and experimenting with Shamanic practices.

When she’s not talking to tress, you’ll most often find Shell on a road trip, crocheting inside her tent whilst drinking Gin, at a trig point on top of a hill or open water swimming. Shell loves sharing her passion for the great outdoors and with a particular focus on wellbeing, she hopes to inspire people to spend more of their free time away from screens and reconnecting with nature.

Shell’s your girl for all things camping, glamping, snowboarding, walking, diving, open water swimming, kayaking, indoor climbing, travel and wellbeing related!

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Benjamin Cannon

“Attempting to encapsulate my surroundings through the eye of a lens is something I love to do”

Ben is keen on all things outdoors, from rock climbing and fell running, to kayaking. He truly does it all. With a camera in tow, he attempts to spend all his free time training at the local climbing wall in order to take his abilities into the mountains and put the latest gear to the test in his favourite national park, the Lake District.

Check out all of Ben’s posts here, or follow him over on Instagram.

Suse Hammond-Pears

Suse Hammond-Pears

“Time and children are both really precious commodities: both seem like daunting challenges even without adding a camping trip into the mix.”

Suse is thirty-something. She juggles an enormously packed life, holding down full time jobs as a business analyst, parent and wife. She is a published scifi author, is about to start a small business upcycling clothing, is working towards a degree, and still crams an amazing amount of activity into the rest of her time including camping (which is how she met Shell). She lives in Nottingham, UK, with her husband, small daughter and a retired racing greyhound.

Suse will contribute to the site by writing articles about how to prepare for camping on an already packed schedule, and how to cope with going camping with a small child in the group.

Peek into Suse’s life here.

Joanne & Matt

Joanne Rowe

“Being outdoors together is where we’re most relaxed and adventurous. We find that stripping back all that we’ve come to know as human beings, makes us realise what it really means to be a human being.”

Joanne and Matt alternate long trips to be with each other in their long-distance relationship. Meeting outside of their home cities, London and Plymouth, means they can forget their day jobs and just be with each other and learn together in the outdoors.

Joanne is a media professional and folk singer-songwriter with an expertise in wildlife and great knowledge of birds and butterflies. Matt is a doctor come musician who loves the sea and learning new things.

Joanne and Matt will contribute to Camping With Style as a team, like so many of their adventures.

You can check out Joanne’s nature focused folk music here.

Mark Stuart

“I always feel most at home outdoors and amongst the trees.”

Mark is the newest member of the Camping with Style team and likes to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. A big believer in the healing power of nature, Mark feels at home amongst the trees and when not being all zen-like, you can often find him climbing up things.

You can follow Mark over on Instagram here.

Alistair Davitt

“Spending time outdoors is a big deal to me, perhaps even as big a deal as finding out that Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is about to hit the small screen….and that’s saying something!”

Alistair loves the outdoors and enjoys testing technical gear and often accompanies mate Shell when she goes walking or camping, dealing with the tedious finer details that include navigation, and remembering to pack the tent pegs and mallet…which come to think of it usually get left behind. Hmmmmm.

Tiffy Bryan

Tiffy Bryan

“Never let your dog put out your camp neighbours BBQ, it’s generally not appreciated…”

Tiffy is one of Shells sisters, and is a talented signer-songwriter living in the Midlands. She and her boyfriend have two dogs and a boat, and love messing about on the river equally as much as long walks with the doggy-boys. Tiff is also a keen camper who shares Shells philosophy of camping in style, and she contributes to this blog by writing about camping and getting outdoors with dogs.

Check out Tiff’s website here.

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