GLAMPING | Here’s What You Should Pack For A Glamping Trip – Your Complete Glamping Packing List

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We’ve done an awful lot of glamping over the years, so in this feature we share our top tips on what to take on a glamping trip.

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Get the lowdown on what to pack for a glamping holiday

Glamping has exploded in popularity over the last few years and it’s not difficult to understand why. For those seeking a camping-like experience but who don’t own the necessary camping gear or for those that love camping but want a more comfortable, relaxing and hassle-free outdoors experience for a change, glamping provides a great alternative to tent camping.


As well as providing an alternative experience, one of the biggest benefits of glamping is that it doesn’t rely so much on fair weather and is something that you can do, in comfort, at any time of year, making it the ideal choice for a short break or holiday, especially during the colder months.

What should you pack for your glamping trip?

But what should you take with you on your glamping trip? Glamping accommodation options range from a basic pre-erected bell tent or empty wood camping pod through to ultra-luxurious options including fully heated shepherd huts and safari tents featuring private hot tubs along with full bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Don’t forget your local guide and nature identification books

This variety in glamping accommodation and individual glamping sites, means that what you’ll need to pack for your glamping trip can differ greatly depending on the type of accommodation you’re staying in, the time of year and what’s included in your stay.

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This is what we took for 2 people for a 4 night glamping trip in Scotland

Glamping Packing List

Glamping Cooking & Cleaning

  • Washing up, cleaning products and tea towel
  • Toilet roll
  • Bin bags
  • Food storage bags and tin foil
  • Kitchen roll
  • Lighter and/or matches (essential for barbecues or campfires)
  • Food & drink for your stay
  • Ice blocks and a good cool box for transporting any fresh food and storage if you’ll be glamping off-grid
  • Portable gas stove, pans & camping kettle (some glamping accommodation won’t have a kitchen or will only include a microwave)
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Tea, coffee, sugar and any condiments you might need
  • Cooking oil & butter
  • Logs or fuel for outdoor cooking or campfire (pay careful attention to the site rules relating to the use of barbecues and campfires)
  • Marshmallows and sticks (for roasting over the campfire)
Kitchen facilities vary greatly, so check what’s in your accommodation and on site before you go

Glamping Clothing & Other Essentials

  • Bedclothes
  • Slippers or other soft, warm indoor shoes (we recommend the TEVA Ember Moc)
  • Toiletries
  • Head torch (we recommend the Biolite Headlamp 200)
  • Travel towel (see our travel towel recommendation)
  • Walking boots (see all of our walking boot reviews and recommendations)
  • Wellies (glamping sites are generally rural and fields are muddy)
  • Waterproof coat and/or rain poncho
  • Something warm and cosy, like a fleece or hoody
  • Changes of clothes and underwear (we recommend taking an extra set in case you get unexpectedly wet or dirty)
  • Flip flops and bathrobe (useful if your glamping accommodation doesn’t have a bathroom and you’ll need to use a shared shower/toilet block)
  • Backpack for days out and walks (we recommend the Lifeventure Kibo canvas backpack)
  • Chargers for all of your electrical devices
  • Power bank or solar charger for electrical devices if you’ll be glamping off-grid
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Glamping Entertainment

  • Your fave tipple
  • A good book or magazine
  • Craft supplies
  • Cordless speaker (remember to keep music down so as not to disturb other guests, check out the brilliant Braven 405)
  • Tablet or laptop if you can’t live without Netflix (do not assume you’ll be able to stream or even access WiFi, so download onto your device first)
  • Nature/Wildlife identification books
  • Binoculars and/or telescope

Glamping With Kids Packing List

  • Wellies
  • Board games (Dobble is a fun card game we thoroughly recommend!)
  • Football, rounders set and/or badminton set
  • A kite
  • Waterproof layers
  • Slippers/soft indoor shoes
  • Toys and craft supplies like colouring-in books
  • Extra fleece and additional change of clothes
  • Their favorite soft toy from home
  • Hot water bottle (especially if you’re off-grid and in accommodation that isn’t heated)
  • Extra blankets (ideal for sitting outside in the evening)

As all glamping sites differ in the accommodation they offer and in what’s included in your stay, we recommend finding out what your particular glamping site offers or recommends you take with you first to save you over packing or worse, under packing!

Glamping provides a great opportunity to leave the tech at home and allow your kids to use their imagination and make the most of space to play outdoors instead. Find tips on how to have a tech-free family break here.

Questions to Ask Prior to Arrival

  • Is bedding included? (sometimes you’ll need to take your own)
  • Are pets allowed?
  • What cooking facilities are available and are they private or shared?
  • Is there a fridge or cool box you’ll have access to?
  • Is the glamping accommodation heated and if so how is it heated (you might need to pay extra for logs to keep the wood-burning stove going for example)
  • Is the accommodation powered or not? (some glamping sites are off-grid)
  • Will there be anywhere to charge your smartphone?
Inside the yurt at Round The Woods, Norfolk
Inside our yurt at Round The Woods glamping in Norfolk

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GLAMPING | Here's What You Should Pack For A Glamping Trip - Your Complete Glamping Packing List

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