Disclosure & Sponsored Posts Policy


Whilst I love blogging and it’s a true passion of mine, it does take a lot of time to keep my blog going, and it costs money too. From travel expenses just to get to some of the places that we write about, to website hosting, paying for themes and plugins, domain name renewal and development support which all add to the running costs of Camping with Style.

With that in mind, we use affiliate code in some of the product links posted on this site (we get a small % of any sales generated) and we also accept a very small amount of advertising on the blog, all to help us cover the costs of running Camping with Style (and whatever is left, I put towards bucket list adventures of my own!).

Amazon Associates Program

Camping with Style is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.co.uk.

Working With Us

Before contacting us and requesting a collaboration, please note that we NEVER work with brands that think it’s OK to pay for sponsored content and then insist we don’t label it as sponsored. This is unethical and we refuse to work with all brands and publishing networks who aren’t honest about sponsored content.

Our strict editorial policy that focuses on quality and authenticity means we have built a blog that has a high DA (Domain Authority) of 41, attracting over 53,000 unique monthly vistors and we rank at number 1 in Google for “camping blog” and other related terms, if you’d like to work with us, please refer to our Press and PR page.

Sponsored Posts on Camping with Style

1. Sponsored Products/Stays

When a brand sends us something free of charge to review, in exchange for our honest opinion, we use the tag “sponsored Product/Stay”.  Likewise, if a glamping site or holiday company invites us to stay free of charge, we also use the tag “Sponsored Product/Stay”. We are not paid for product or location reviews. Some of the products we review are given to us free of charge by PR companies and the brands that we work with. Many (but not all) of the products we are given to review are then ours to keep.

Blogger guidelines state that when content is supported by a brand in any way, that this should be disclosed, so that’s why we use the “sponsored product/stay” tag at the top of the page, and at the end of the review, we also state the product was given to us to review.

2. Sponsored Posts

Sometimes brands pay us to publish a piece of their content on their behalf, in which case they pay us a small fee in return for us publishing their content.  A very small amount of content on Camping with Style is directly sponsored in this way, in fact less than 2% of our content is sponsored in this way, as the vast majority of our content is written in-house and is not promotional in nature.

Again, to meet blogger guidelines, we use the “sponsored post” tag at the top of the page and a closing line after a sponsored article to disclose such content.

Sponsored Post Policy

  • Sponsored posts cost of £140 each and are subject to strict editorial guidelines – we refuse the vast majority of sponsored post requests we receive because maintaining editorial quality is our priority
  • Sponsored post fees are not negotiable
  • As per UK legal guidelines on disclosure for bloggers, sponsored posts are always clearly labelled as being sponsored, using the “sponsored” tag at the start of the content and a disclosure line at the end of the content
  • Sponsored posts must be written by native English speakers, and we reserve the right to edit or refuse content that is not up to our standard
  • Sponsored posts may contain up to 2 ‘do follow’ links
  • We require at least 2 good quality photographs to go with each sponsored post
  • Before we will agree to a sponsored post we need to see a proposed title and a synopsis of the content
  • Sponsored posts will only be accepted by relevant companies and websites i.e. those related to camping, glamping, travel, sports, adventure, wellbeing, festivals, outdoors and nature.

Guest Blogging Policy

  • We DO NOT accept guest bloggers on this site, our content is written in-house by the Camping With Style team.
  • In the past 6 years we have accepted just 5 guests posts on the blog, only if you approach with exceptional content with high relevancy and are a UK independent business needing support will a guest post even be considered.

Review Policy

  • If a feature or a review has been supported by a brand, for example a featured product has been gifted to us, we always state this is the case at the end of the article.
  • We do not post positive reviews in return for payment or products – all reviews reflect our genuine opinions, written to provide a fair and balanced view. This means if we dislike or don’t enjoy a product or location we review, we are honest and tell our readers what we really thought; good or bad.
  • We do not make recommendations or post positive reviews in return for payment, though we do get to keep some (but by no means all!) of the product samples that we review.

Affiliate Link Policy

  • We link to some of the products we feature/recommend using affiliate code. This means if a reader then goes on to make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we earn a small fee in return.
  • The fees we earn from affiliate links allow us to keep the blog going, helping us cover associated costs like hosting, plug-ins, domain name renewals, technical development and so on.