Swimrun beginners guide

ACTIVE | The Complete Beginners Guide To Swimrun

Swimrun is a pretty new sport, originating in 2002 as a drunken bet between friends in Stockholm to race each other across the Stockholm archipelago. Read on to learn more and find out how to get started...

Fussy natural deodorant review

GEAR | Fussy, The Natural Deodorant That Really Works – Review

Do your bit for the planet and banish the BO with Fussy Natural Deodorant. Read on to find out how we got on with it when we were sent a sample to try...

Mastering Me Retreat

WELLBEING | 1/2 Price Mastering Me Retreat Offer

Finding time for ourselves isn't always easy, but the Mastering Me retreat which takes place can help you achieve some much-needed calm. Read on to find out more and claim your half price retreat place.

Beginners guide to SUP

ACTIVE | SUPer Water Sports – A Beginner’s Guide to Paddle Boarding

Fancy trying something new? How about giving stand up paddle boarding, known as SUP a try? Read on for our bigeinners guide to SUP.

Stacking stones on the beach

WELLBEING | Why We Need To Talk About Menopause – My Peri-Menopause Journey

My experience of peri-menopause after 4 years of struggling with symptoms that are still not being treated holistically.

Fat runner

WELLBEING | The Fat, Asthmatic, Reluctant Lockdown Runner – My Journey From Hating To Loving Running

I hate running. I can't run. At the age of 46 that's what I have spent all of my life believing, but then one day, during the third interminable lockdown, something changed. I share my journey from hating to loving running.

Cold open water swimming

ACTIVE | Cold Water Winter ‘Polar’ Swimming – What’s It Really Like?

One cold and dreary Sunday in December I found myself anxiously about to swim in 5.1° water at Boundary Water Park in Cheshire.

Open Water Swimming With Uswim

ACTIVE | How The Global Covid-19 Pandemic Lead To Me Discovering A Passion For Open Water Swimming

After months of lockdown and missing swimming, I was craving water so signed up for an open water swim workshop with Uswim, Boundary Water Park Cheshire.

Will-I-Ski Chalet Genepy La Plagne

TRAVEL | Solo Snowboarding In The Alps – A Wonderful Week in La Plagne With Will-I-Ski at Chalet Genepy

It’s no secret that before this solo trip I was a bag of nerves, so much so, I wrote about...

Shell Robshaw-Bryan at the gym

ACTIVE | 5 Of The Things I Love To Do To Stay Active

As a proud member of the Decathlon blogger community I love the brand’s core belief that sports should be inclusive...