We love the outdoors and are happy to work with outdoor, leisure, wellbeing, camping and travel brands, particularly independent businesses and those that promote and support diversity and inclusivity in outdoor leisure.

Read on to find out more about the options we can offer in terms of exposure, or get in touch if you have a specific collaboration in mind.

  • We DO NOT work with guest bloggers
  • We DO NOT offer link insertions
Emperor star bell tent from Boutique Camping review


As a camping expert, Shell has provided written and video content and has contributed to and been featured in numerous national newspapers, magazines, radio and podcasts including;

  • The Telegraph
  • HuffPost UK
  • The Independent
  • The Guardian
  • The Times
  • Camping magazine

Get in touch with us to discuss a collaboration or download our press pack.

Camping with Style Blog Collaboration Options

1. Sponsored Editorial Posts

  • We offer sponsored posts at a cost of £150 per post but have very strict editorial guidelines, for example, we only accept posts from related businesses and never work with businesses who promote hunting for sport
  • As per UK legal guidelines on disclosure for bloggers, sponsored posts are always clearly labeled as being sponsored, using the “sponsored” tag at the start of the content and a disclosure line at the end of the content
  • Sponsored posts must be written by native English speakers, and we reserve the right to edit or refuse content that is not up to our standard
  • Sponsored posts may contain up to 2 ‘do follow’ links to the same domain
  • We require at least 2 good quality photographs to go with each sponsored post, no smaller than 1400px wide
  • Before we will agree to a sponsored post we need to see a proposed title and a synopsis of the content
  • Sponsored posts will only be accepted by relevant companies and websites i.e. those related to camping, glamping, travel, sports, adventure, wellbeing, festivals, outdoors and nature.
  • We love animals and we don’t agree with hunting for sport/fun so never work with brands that sell hunting knives or guns or sites that contain content relating to hunting. As well as not working with businesses that promote hunting, we also refuse to work with gambling and tobacco or vaping businesses.
  • Sponsored post fees are not negotiable
  • Do not waste our time by asking us to deceive our readers by not disclosing sponsored posts – we are transparent and always mark sponsored content accordingly and if you don’t want us to do this, then we simply will not work with you
  • See an example sponsored post or view all of our past sponsored posts
  • Please see our disclosure and sponsored post policy to find out more

Cost: £150

Get in touch with us to discuss a sponsored editorial post.

2. Banners

  • Right hand side banner ads are 350 x 350 in size and sit to the right of all reviews and features pages.
  • In responsive mode these banners appear below the content, lower down the page.
  • We charge these placements based on a time period of 3 months.

Cost: £350 per quarter

Get in touch with us to discuss banners.

3. Product Reviews

  • Gifted products, festival & glamping site stays are reviewed by us for FREE
  • For loaned products, we charge £200 per review to cover content creation time
  • We endeavour to continue to provide FREE COVERAGE to glamping site owners and British start-ups wherever possible, so if unsure, please get in touch with us
  • We do not accept payment in return for positive reviews and we always provide a fair, balanced opinion. If we don’t like something we say so! For this reason we tend to be highly selective about the reviews we’ll agree to – if it’s not relevant to our audience or it’s not our kind of product and we can’t genuinely make use of it then we won’t review it
  • We always try to turn reviews around in a timely manner, typically 3-6 weeks is usual to allow us to use a product a few times before photographing and writing about it, however, over winter this lead-time will naturally increase for camping products, but we’ll always keep you updated and can sometimes turn reviews around faster
  • You can see an example product review here.

Cost: £FREE

Get in touch with us to discuss a product review.

4. Travel Features

  • For gifted holidays, campsite stays, glamping accommodation and activity breaks, we will currently write a review feature for free
  • In most cases, we do request that you cover travel costs at least partially, but this is negotiable so please get in touch if unsure
  • You can see an example travel review feature here.

Cost: £FREE

Get in touch with us to discuss a travel feature.

Why collaborate with Camping with Style?

Authenticity is our founding philosophy. We are campers, travellers and outdoor lovers and write about the things that we love and carefully select the brands we work with to ensure high levels of both relevance to our audience and authenticity in what we write.

“61% of consumers, aged 18 to 34, have at some point been swayed in their decision-making by digital influencers whilst 90% of marketers say authenticity is critical to the future of influencer marketing” Source: Influencer Marketing 2020 by eConsultancy

Some of the brands we’ve worked with include;

  • Sainsbury’s
  • Bosch
  • Jack Wolfskin
  • Avis
  • Go outdoors
  • Decathlon
  • Wayfair
  • Specialized
  • Teva
  • Mountain Warehouse
  • Vango
  • Outwell

To see more of the brands we’ve worked with, take a look at our Press & PR page.

Stats & Demographics

  • Over 92,000 unique monthly website visitors
  • Over 23,247 social media followers
  • DA43 (as at 04/06/2022)
  • Number 1 in Google UK for “camping blog” and related terms
  • 85.5% of our traffic comes from organic Google search

Website Visitors

  • 48.6% Male 51.4% Female
  • 27.34% Aged 25-34
  • 27.32% Aged 35-44
  • 21.47% Aged 45-54
  • 65.65% UK
  • 16.18% U.S.A
  • 3.06% Canada
  • 2.95% Australia
  • 1.34% Ireland

Who we won’t work with

Just to reiterate, we love animals and we don’t agree with hunting for sport/fun so we won’t work with pro-hunting brands. As well as not working with businesses that promote sport hunting, we also do not work with gambling, tobacco or vaping businesses.

Get in touch with us to discuss your goals or to chat about a potential collaboration and how we can support you.