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Ever fancied roasted marshmallows at home or perhaps you’ve stayed at a campsite that doesn’t allow fires? This portable mini tabletop fire pit could be perfect…

table top fire pit for roasting marshmallows

What is it?

Portable Tabletop Fire Pit Set with 4 Roasting Sticks


Many campsites in the UK don’t allow fire pits, and so this is ideal to take along with you so that you or the kids can still partake in perhaps the most anticipated and loved camping activity, of roasting marshmallows or making S’mores.

This is very well made and has a good weight to it so you can rest assured once lit, that it’s not going anywhere. I used it on a recent coastal camping trip in very high winds and the fire pit felt rock solid and didn’t budge.

table top fire pit for roasting marshmallows

I’ve since used it on several more camping trips and even a couple of times at home. I’m not sure how long the combustible floof inside lasts for (I’m quite certain that’s not the technical term for it but that’s what I’ll go with), but the large bottle of Bioethanol Fuel I bought seems to last a really long time. You can expect to pay about £7-£8 for 1 litre of fuel.

This little fire pit is definitely a lot more effective than attempting to toast a marshmallow over a candle flame, the little fire pit is the ideal size for 2 people to use at the same time and was still effective when used outdoors in windy weather.

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It’s great fun for supervised kids to use and I love the fact that the fuel burns cleanly with no smoke and can be used indoors or outside.

The only minor gripe is that as the lid just sits on top to snuff the fire out when you’re finished using it, transporting it and the sticks has meant keeping the box so I can keep everything together. After taking it all over the place with me the box is now starting to get a bit tatty, so it would be great if there was a carry case that could be purchased that would allow you to neatly store everything without the need to rely on the box.

That said, this is a great addition to our camping setup, and having recently used it at a campsite that doesn’t allow campfires, I was still able to enjoy roasting marshmallows, and being able to use it at home too means it’s nice and flexible.

You can buy the fire pit online at, and

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