CAMPING | Improve Your Camping With These Camp Gear Upgrades

Up the ante on your next camping trip with our simple camping gear upgrades that will help you elevate your camping experience from good to great.

Luna LOM Weekender Bell Tent

Improve your campsite cooking

Whilst briefcase-style single gas burners are inexpensive and useful, there are some distinct downsides. Namely, you can only cook in one pan at a time and because they take butane gas canisters, they are next to useless in cold weather. A double gas stove that runs from a propane gas/mix will mean you can cook proper family meals no matter the temperature.

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Better camping storage

Camping storage is a game changer, when you stop living out of bags, or even boxes and fighting for space, camping, especially for families, becomes much simpler. Boxes and bags are ideal for storing and transporting your camping gear in, but once your tent is set up, camp storage makes a huge difference.

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Comfier sleeping

Snoozing in comfort is an absolute must for happy camping, but it can be tricky to get right. Most of us will start off with a standard inflatable mattress, and whilst these have their place, it’s typical to experience at least some deflation during the night and often, they don’t last past one season. Investing in a better quality camping airbed or self-inflating mattress however can mean you’ll enjoy many years of happy, warm and comfortable sleeping beneath canvas.

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Comfortable chairs

Basic folding camping chairs absolutely have their place, they are cheap, light and do the job, but when you change to a more luxurious kind of camp chair, you’ll never want to go back again. For comfort around the campfire or lounging around in the sunshine, enhance your camping experience with a good-quality padded folding camp chair.

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Cool boxes

For camping trips lasting anything longer than 24 hours, or for those that like to eat and cook fresh food whilst camping, a good cool box is a game changer. The best cool boxes will keep the contents chilled for up to 5 days without the need for power and their ability can be extended further by adding fresh ice or through the refreezing of ice blocks.

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Power your adventures

Whilst the whole point of camping is typically to get away from it all, for practicality purposes you’re still going to want to keep key devices and gear charged during your trip. If you don’t fancy limiting yourself to a campsite that offers electric hookups, a power station is the best possible choice to keep everything from your head torches to mobile phones and more, fully operational, no matter how long you’re away for.

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