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We’re huge fans of coffee and will go to exceptional lengths to avoid having to resort to freeze-dried instant coffee. Whilst grinding our beans fresh at home is easy enough to do, when we’re camping or travelling, grinding becomes and chore and we’ve found coffee bags offer a good alternative.

The Little Coffee Bag Co. Delicious Coffee On The Go

What are they?

The Little Coffee Bag Co. Coffee Bags From £6 for 10

  • Individually wrapped coffee bags
  • 100% Arabica Coffee

We were sent a mixed box of coffee bags to try from The Little Coffee Co. and I’m pleased to say, I’ve since gone on to purchase more from them, which means we didn’t just like them, we loved them!

The Little Coffee Bag Co. Delicious Coffee On The Go

I’m very sensitive to caffeine and so I limit myself to one cup of coffee a day, but given I don’t drink tea, sometimes mid-afternoon I do fancy another brew and have been working my way through a number of different decaff coffees trying to find one that tasted decent, but had been routinely disappointed.

Happily though, as well as their coffee bags being full of flavour and perfect for camping and travel, their organic bland (blend number 2) is perfect for me as I drink my coffee black and their decaffeinated coffee bags (blend number 2) are also pretty decent and taste-wise, don’t feel like too much of a compromise. Finally a decaff coffee I don’t hate!

To give them a try, you can start with a The Little Coffee Co. taster box, priced at just £4, it’s the ideal way to discover which blends you like best before you move onto a box of 10 which start from just 6.

DISCLOSURE | We were provided a taster box from The Little Coffee Co. to try and have since gone on to make further purchases ourselves. We were not paid to write this review.

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