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Whether out and about, traveling or on a weekend camping break, a power bank is a must. We’ve spent the last few weeks putting EnergyQC power banks through their paces. Read on for our full reivew…

EnergyQC power banks at the airport
EnergyQC power banks at the airport

What is it?

What we thought

With a range of power banks from around £12 up to around £28, EnergyQC supply a variety of handy portable power banks that are ideal for life outdoors and on the go.

We tested out 3 different models of power bank and have taken them in our hand luggage on holiday, used them for weekends away on the train and on glamping trips to get a really good feel for their performance.

Each of the power banks has a different form and capacity, the smallest one being ideal for popping in a pocket or handbag which does a great job of keeping phones topped up.

Whilst ours is black, the smallest 500mAh EnergyQC power bank comes in a variety of different colours, with a couple of different colour options available for the larger sizes.

We found that the bigger 10000mAh EnergyQC and 20000mAh Pilot X7 both charged our devices super quickly and whilst they are larger and chunkier, in our hand luggage when travelingthey they were both still compact and light enough to easily carry around.

Performance-wise, we could get one full phone charge from the small 500mAh whilst we were able to top up two smartphones multiple times using the 10000mAh.

The 20000mAh gets top marks from us as we could both charge our phones at the same time, and the capacity was large enough to allow us to charge our phones twice, as well as topping up my Kindle and digital camera and more before needing to recharge it.

EnergyQC Power Bank Packaging
EnergyQC Power Bank Packaging

The verdict

These power banks are great value for money and deliver solid, reliable performance, we also loved how fast they charge too.

We also really like the minimal packaging, with the power banks packaged in uncoated cardboard boxes with no cellophane or additional inner plastic.

The only minor gripe is that whilst the charge indicator light is helpful, once below a certain capacity it’s not. When your power bank drops down to 25% capacity, it’s impossible to know just how much juice is left, it could be 25% or 1%.

So as soon as it was got down to one light, we felt compelled to recharge it back up to 100%, which could mean we end up recharging more than is strictly necessary and limiting its lifespan.

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Whilst in Egypt, we actually opted to charge our phones from our power banks as they were so much quicker, then we’d leave the power bank plugged into the mains to charge overnight.

Of course here in the UK the power banks charge much more quickly and the best in our test was definitely the EnergyQC Power Bank Pilot X7. We thought it was a great price and whilst it is the biggest of the 3 power banks, it was still a very manageable weight and size and with a 20000mAh capacity, this gets our vote overall for best performance and price.

Though you do sacrifice a wee bit of portability, the power bank is brought equivalent to 2 large smartphones and we found it to be an excellent travel companion.

Handy for airport delays

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to EnergyGQ who supplied the featured product to us to test. We were not paid to write this review.

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