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If you’re looking for a heavy duty, highly capable power station for off grid camping, whether you’re in a van or tent, the Bluetti EB70 portable power station has a lot going for it and it will keep all of your essential devices going and more…

Bluetti Poweroak EB70 716Wh Portable Power Station

What is it?

Bluetti Poweroak EB70 716Wh Portable Power Station £649

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)



  • 1000W (1400W Surge) Battery capacity 716Wh
  • 700w rated output
  • 15w wireless charging
  • 9.6kg weight
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Power electric lights, laptops, phones & USB gadgets etc.
  • Great for camping, caravanning and emergency backup home use
  • Check out the full Bluetti EB70 spec

What we thought

I’m writing this review in the middle of a field on my laptop. We headed out to the Peak District for the long bank holiday weekend and opted for a no-frills campsite with no facilities whatsoever. Perfect for our final test of the Bluetti EB70 power station.

Bluetti Poweroak EB70
Bluetti Poweroak EB70 attached to our existing solar panel

Over the past few years, we’ve tested a wide variety of different power stations, from simple little power banks capable of providing a few charges of a mobile phone, through to power stations designed for more serious off-grid living.

We’ve found that portability, a large capacity, output and the ability to top up a battery via a solar panel when out and about makes for a sweet bit of kit and the Bluetti EB70 is possibly the best we’ve tested yet.

Before our latest trip, we’d already run the power station down to around 10% battery, so we plugged it in the day before. 4 hours later, it was fully charged and we were ready to go camping.

Although we don’t have a Bluetti solar panel, we do have an existing solar panel that plugs straight in, and having the ability to top up the power whenever needed has proven to be a real bonus.


Although at nearly 10kg it’s by no means light, we feel that the EB70 strikes a good balance between its size and weight and the amount of power it holds.

Charging inside a phone inside the tent

The power output of 1000W generated by the 716Wh battery provides ample power for everything we need when camping. In terms of phone charging over a full weekend camping trip, the battery capacity bareley decreased. Plugging in something more serious like a laptop and we get a full laptop charge, using about 5% of the total battery capacity.

We even found the Bluetti EB70 was capable of powering our fancy smart slow cooker, getting it up to 85°C for a slow cook, drawing a maximum of 784W of power. After 2 hours of slow cooking, the battery had gone down by 20%.

Bluetti poweroak EB70
Close-up show showing all power output options

One of the features I found really useful was the light on the front, which provides different brightness settings and an SOS mode. During our current trip I thought I’d fully charged our camping lantern but on the first night, it wouldn’t turn on and we found ourselves without a light, leaving me feeling like anything but a camping pro, but then I remembered the EB70 has an integrated light which really saved the day (night?).


  • Integrated carry handle
  • Bright and clear screen so you can see exactly how much power is being drawn and the remaining battery capacity
  • Lots of output options including 2 3 pin mains plug sockets, 2 USB sockets, 2 USB C, 2 12v and cigarette lighter output. There’s also 1 input/Mppt allowing you to attach a compatible solar panel and wireless charging too
  • 1000w output makes it capable of charging lots of different electrical devices


  • There’s noise from the fan when it kicks in, usually when charging from mains or when something is drawing a lot of power
  • It’s quite heavy, so not something you’re going to want to be carrying too far
  • Large and noisy power brick fan

The verdict

Our Rating

Performance 4.5/5

Practicality 4.5/5


Value 4.5/5

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

The Bluetti EB70 is an excellent power station with loads going for it. The price point is good. Capacity-wise, with enough oomph to recharge an iPhone 60 times and the option to add a solar panel to keep the power station topped up it’s the perfect camping companion.

With so many different output options, the Bluetti EB70 is a versatile bit of kit and we feel it provides a great combination of portability and power, making this a great choice for those seeking a mid-range portable power station for camping and off-grid living.

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to Bluetti who supplied the featured product to us to test. We were not paid to write this review.

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