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We should all embark on more outdoor adventures. Outdoor adventures allow us to break free from the habits of daily life and reconnect with nature, which is good for us in many ways.

Camping is the perfect adventure because it combines lots of different elements and allows you to fully connect with nature. This connection is a delicate balance between embracing the wilderness and preserving it. We have a responsibility to preserve the very environment we enjoy and there are many things we can do to help achieve this. 

One of my favourite activities when camping, if the environment allows, is sitting round a campfire. It’s such a soulful, meditative, primal experience and it never fails to leave you feeling better. 

If you do have the opportunity to enjoy a campfire on your travels you’ll obviously need something to light it with. Certainly Wood Flamers Natural Firelighters are a fantastic option for this and a must for your rucksack.

Crafted from natural wood wool and dipped in wax, these (British-made) firelighters offer a sustainable solution to a common (and often frustrating!) outdoor challenge—starting a fire. With a single Flamer, campfires can be lit with ease. You can even start wood burners, barbecues, and pizza ovens with these little balls of wood wool.

Certainly Wood Flamers Natural Firelighters

The significance of using eco-friendly products like Flamers can’t be overstated. As we seek the tranquility of the great outdoors, the responsibility to minimise our ecological footprint becomes paramount. Flamers align perfectly with this ideology, offering a clean burn without the chemical odors that taint the air and your food—ensuring that the only thing you leave behind in the wilderness are your footprints.

But Flamers aren’t just about sustainability; they’re also about convenience. They are so lightweight and compact, they are effortless to pack, and their ability to light even when wet makes them reliable in the unpredictable British weather. This reliability extends to the adventurous soul who prefers the spark of flint and steel to matches, providing a primal satisfaction in lighting a fire as our ancestors did—with a modern twist.

Safety is paramount in all outdoor endeavors, and Flamers contribute significantly to a safer camping experience as well. They’re more predictable than traditional firelighters and so more controllable.

For those drawn to the diverse array of activities that Camping with Style embodies—from hill walking and kayaking to mindful moments beside a crackling fire—Flamers are an indispensable companion! 

So next time you’re packing the bags for your next escape into nature’s embrace, make sure you include some Flamers. Even if you don’t use them, they’re a subtle reminder that the best adventures in life, much like the best flames, start with just a spark.

Happy camping, and may your adventures be bright and your impact on the earth light.

DISCLOSURE | This post is sponsored by Certainly Wood.

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