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For remote workers, the most significant advantage is that you can travel wherever you wish, from the busiest of cities to the peaceful countryside. You may not realize it’s an option, but some campsites can also make for an acceptable workplace.

Job sites like Jooble can not only find you suitable work opportunities but can help you find a find a remote position with a weekly allowance.

Here, we share our top 5 suggestions for campsites suitable to work from, across the UK and beyond…

The Lake Campsite – Bodmin, Moor

What was once a shipping container found in Cornwall has now been converted into a luscious campsite. To reach this area, simply take a quick walk on a track that cuts through the hills and forests.

Due to the dense area, a lot of this landscape is used for military training by the British Army.

An old, run-down quarry gives it a sense of history as you traverse the hiking trails. This can be the most remote workplace, with a long way to the shops and being almost completely off the grid. You can find a house with a simple kitchen and a double bed.

Cleadale Campsite – Isle of Eigg

Eigg is known as one of the small islands that are found just off the coast of Scotland. The Inner Hebrides is known for its islands scattered across the coastlines. Eigg is only five miles long, no smaller than your average large city.

The campsite is found at the bottom of a massive cliffside. One that curves along the side of the island, providing some beautiful scenery. The environment is rather wild, meaning there isn’t much room for a stable footing. However, it still works as a place to be as far from civilization as possible.

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Marwell Resort – Owslebury, Hampshire

The Marwell Resort is an official site within 65 acres of grassland of the South Downs National Park. It is only five miles from Winchester, one of the most historically relevant locations in the UK.

A lot of people come here on holiday, but others can extend their stay with a weekly allowance. It has excellent food, drink, and caravans for you to set up shop.

This is best for those who wish to work remotely but still want to interact with a community and people.

Chléire Haven Campsite – County Cork

If you have ever wanted to go to the Irish countryside, this is the best place to be. Chléire is found off the southernmost part of the Emerald Ilse. A small town is located alongside the beachfront, giving you access to cafés and a small civilization should you need it.

Surrounding the area is nothing but
grass and fields. It is a perfect way to soak up the nature of Ireland as well as relax under the clear skies and sea-filled air.

Portsalon Luxury Campsite – County Donegal

This is another fantastic location in Ireland with a bit more extravagant taste. As the name suggests, this specialized campsite comes with a glowing yurt. The yurt itself comes equipped with a fully-realized kitchen and a king-sized bed. It even has its own fire-log stove in the middle of it.

The positioning of the yurts lets you take in extraordinary views. The whole north of Ireland can be seen from these tents. Once again, supplies can be found within a few miles of your location.

Remote working from a campsite
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If you wish to search for more campsites suitable for remote work, make sure they include the following criteria:

● Emergency contacts
● Accessible wifi
● Close enough to towns or cities
● Shops for supplies

While many of these are not necessary for remote work, they are recommended for those who wish to have a safer stay.

Try to read the full information on the job posting before committing to what remote work entails and also make sure that you fully understand what you are allowed to do and where you are allowed to go before considering camping as a remote working option.

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