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I’ve been lusting after these TEVA Ember Mid boots since they appeared on the TEVA website last year. Being tight, and saving for a wedding meant there was no way I could justify the price tag for an item of footwear I wanted, but frankly didn’t need.

Described as ‘slipper sneakers’. I mean what could possibly sound more comfortable than that?!

Teva Ember Mid Boots
TEVA footwear

Every couple of weeks I’d been obsessively checking the website to see if they’d come down in price only to be disappointed, that was until a couple of week ago when I spotted them in my preferred colour reduced from £80 £48 so I snapped them up immediately.

TEVA Ember boots review

On the TEVA wbsite they are described as ‘slipper sneakers’. I mean what could possibly sound more comfortable than that?! I know a lot of campers go in for Crocs, which in my opinion are revolting things that I’d never put anywhere near my feet. Comfort is one thing, but I prefer comfort and at least a bit of style and the funkier the better in my book.

Although Uggs are extremely unfashionable they are exceptionally warm so I find mine are great for wearing inside my tent, or when I go glamping. Despite the fact that classic Uggs are slippers and as such are indoor shoes, at a push when camping, you can still get away with nipping to the toilet block in them too.

TEVA Embers inside my tent
Ladies TEVA Embers inside my tent

I was keen however to find something lightweight and less bulky that didn’t make me look like early noughties chav, and spent many months convinced that the Teva Ember was the answer to my prayers. I was right.

I honestly can’t recommend the TEVA Ember enough. They are hands down the single most comfortable and versatile piece of footwear I’ve ever owned. I also really like how weird and different they look; a bit like futuristic space slippers or something.

They are easy to slip on (pull them up onto your foot using the back loop), they look funky when worn in an urban environment, are ideal for wearing around the house and I have no doubt that for camping and glamping trips they will be my go-to footwear of choice.

They do a men’s version too (shown above), they look slightly different with a zip, but I’m assured by my fiancé who bought a pair after falling in love with mine, that they are equally as comfortable!

Like the look of them? These are some stockists I’ve found, though I bought mine direct from Teva.


TEVA footwear

DISCLOSURE | The featured product was privately purchased and this is not a brand collaboration.

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