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Our new Summit International Smokeless Barbecue arrived just ahead of National BBQ week, (which started on 28th May and runs until 3rd June 2018) providing us with the ideal excuse to have even more barbecues than usual! Read on to find out what we thought when we put it to the test.

B&Co Summit International Smokless Camping Barbecue

What is it?

Summit B&Co Alfresco Smokeless Grill RRP. £79.99


  • Ready to cook on in under 5 minutes
  • Fully portable
  • Cool to the touch
  • 85% less smoke than conventional charcoal barbecues


B&Co Summit International Smokless Camping Barbecue

The Verdict

I am a huge fan of barbecues and I cook outdoors every chance I get. From big family bashes using my fancy 4-burner gas beast to campsite cooking on my little folding charcoal barbecue. I also have a lot of after-work barbecues as soon as the weather allows, and for speed and convenience have been happily using my Lotus Grill which is ideal for cooking outdoors for 2 quickly. Using the Lotus Grill also means I have a great basis for comparison when it comes to similarly sized BBQs as the B&CO barbecue works in the same way.

B&Co Summit International Smokless Camping BarbecueThe pull out battery compartment (extras like lighter gel and batteries are not included)

There’s a small metal container that you place the charcoal inside – we find that the small broken up bits of charcoal that you get inside the self-lighting bags works best. Underneath this is a round metal plate, and to ignite you’ll need some barbecue lighter gel. Squirt a circle of gel onto the plate and then light it. Let it burn for a few seconds and make sure all of it is alight, before carefully placing the metal container with the charcoal inside on top of it.

B&Co Summit International Smokeless Camping BarbecueSetting alight the ring of lighter gel in the base

The barbecue is fan assisted which means the coals are ready to cook on in just a few minutes and before we put food on, we put the fan on low to help get the charcoal going. You will need 4 AA batteries to power the fan as they are not included with the barbecue.

B&Co Summit International Smokless Camping Barbecue

How does it cook?

We find that the size of the barbecue is ideal for the two of us, and due to the speed at which the charcoal lights and is ready to cook on, it’s perfect for after-work barbecues in particular due to the speed of the B&CO grill. After lighting the gel and letting the flames die down, it only takes just over 5 minutes for the grill to be ready to cook on.

B&Co Summit International Smokless Camping BarbecueOnce the lighter gel had burned off, there was very little smoke during cooking

As you can see from the photos the food cooked well on the B&CO barbecue. We challenged it with some pretty big kebabs and were able to just about fit on 5 at a time, or 3 kebabs and 2 chicken breasts.

The food cooked pretty evenly  and any burnt bits you can see in the photos are more down to the mis-matched sizes of the vegetables, chicken and halloumi on the kebab sticks, rather than a problem with the grill being too hot.

B&Co Summit International Smokless Camping Barbecue

Clean up

I found the cast iron grill particularly easy to clean. Once the barbecue had cooled down (I left it for just over an hour), I removed the top grill section and just soaked it in hot soapy water for a while and used a scrub brush on it, whilst the inside wiped clean easily with a hot soapy cloth.

B&Co Summit International Smokless Camping Barbecue

Final say

This is a great little barbecue that’s both sturdy and capable. We think it’s perfect for camping and weekday summer evenings when time is at a premium but you still fancy cooking and dining outdoors. Whilst it’s not totally smokeless, there is less smoke generated by this compared to regular charcoal barbecues. It’s easy to use, a doddle to clean and because it’s ready to cook on so fast, a great time saver too. Well worth considering if you’re after a compact barbecue that’s also travel friendly.

Best bits

  • This is a really high quality looking and feeling portable barbecue
  • Ideal size to cook on for 2 people
  • Comes complete with a carry bag making this great for taking camping
  • I love the weighty cast iron grill
  • Easy to use and perfect for those times when you don’t want to wait for a regular charcoal barbecue

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Thank you to Summit International who provided the featured product for us to test. We were not paid for this review.

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