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Primus Kinjia double camp stove review

What is it?

Primus Kinjia Double Camp Stove RPP £199.00



  • Portable double burner camp stove
  • Removable drip tray
  • Designed to work with Primus screw-on canister gas 100g, 230g and 450g
  • 3000 W output
  • Weighs 3700g
  • 295mm x 78mm
  • Manual igniter
  • Integrated carry case/wind guard
  • Boiling time for 1litre of water is 4.33 minutes
  • With the additional 738019 Adapter kit for 3501 this stove can be run on Primus refillable gas cylinders
Our Rating

Quality 5/5

Practicality 4.5/5

Looks 5/5

Value 4/5

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

The Verdict

I love cooking when I’m camping and always cooker proper meals from scratch whenever possible. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wished I had a double stove, and over the years I’ve become adept at juggling pans using just my single camp stove, but it has always made cooking awkward.

Primus Kinjia Double Camp Stove

It’s fair to say then that I was extremely keen to get my hands on the new Primus Kinjia stove. Not only because a double burner would make cooking easier for me, but I was also eager to move away from butane gas which can be inefficient to use in cold weather.

Having previous tried the beautiful Primus Onja I knew that I could expect high levels of quality from the Kinjia and I wasn’t disappointed.

First Impressions

This is a really solid bit of kit. It’s beautifully well made with a stainless steel and wood carry handle.

Primus Kinjia Double Camp Stove

I used this stove on every camping trip during 2019 from short overnight camping trips to longer 5 day trips. One thing that I did notice was that when camping in cold weather, with evening temperatures of just 2°, the stove continued to operate effectively.

Attaching the gas bottle is quick and easy to do. The hose attachment simply screws on to the gas bottle. As I do quite a lot of cooking when camping I’ve purchased the larger 450g Primus gas bottle size (they cost around £14 each) and over my first 5-day camping trip testing the stove, I was keen to see how much I’d get through.

The Primus Kinjia stove

Each day I’d make a couple of cups of tea, a hot water bottle, I’d also boil the kettle to do the washing up, and I’d use the stove to cook breakfast and to cook my evening meal on each night.

Using the stove like this each day for 5 days, I got through approximately 2/3rds of a 450g bottle of gas. This equates to just under £3 per day of fuel, which I don’t feel is too bad at all, though I’ve recently bought more gas in bulk to save money and have recently ordered 4 450g bottles which I hope should be enough to see me through the rest of the camping year.

Primus Kinjia Double Camp Stove

Cleaning the stove is really easy as the pan stand lifts straight off, and the stainless steel drip tray can be removed too, though it’s really easy to leave in place and wipe clean. My pans and kettle felt really stable in use on the stove, and the pan stands are large enough to accommodate my wok too, handy as I like to make stir fries when camping.

The stove doesn’t have an automatic ignition mechanism, and I only took a regular lighter with me on my most recent camping trip, which meant turning the control on until I heard a hiss of gas and then quickly touching the lighter to the gas plate. I’ve since added a long handled lighter to my camp kitchen box, so igniting the stove is far simpler and after 10 days of camping, cooking daily for 1 occasionally 2 people, I’ve just finished one full 450g bottle of gas.


  • It’s relatively compact and looks absolutely stunning
  • Exceptionally high quality
  • The pan rests are very stable
  • Easy to clean, transport and to connect gas bottles to
  • Double burner has allowed me to up my campsite cooking game significantly
  • The built in wind guard is super effective


  • I’d have liked a slightly longer hose, as I’m not keen on the gas bottle having to sit so close to the stove
  • An automatic ignition mechanism would have been brilliant
  • Retailing for around £180, it’s expensive
Primus Kinjia Double Camp Stove
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Final Say

Occasionally a camping product comes into my life and it transforms my camping experience so much that I wonder how I ever camped without it and the Primus Kinjia is one of them. After using it for the past year, I now couldn’t imagine camping without it!

A double burner is one of those things that I always suspected I needed, but had just never got round to investing in. I honestly don’t know if my budget would have allowed me to justify buying this myself, as it does represent a considerable investment, however, having used it for the past year, I can confidently say it’s a very high-quality bit of camping kit and I do think it’s worth the money.

The Primus Kinjia works effortlessly and is super easy to use, it’s definitely up there as one of my favourite ever bits of camping kit I’m looking forward to getting many more years of use from it.

Primus Kinjia Double Camp Stove
Cooking pulled pork on my Primus Kinjia double stove

Thank you to Primus for supplying the featured product. We were not paid to write this review.

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