CAMPING | Hot Weather Camping Essential(ish) Gear For Summer Camping Trips

With the glorious summer weather set to continue, if you’re planning on going camping any time soon, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right gear and accessories with you for an enjoyable break.

Summer camping essentials

We’ve rounded up some hot weather camping essentials, many of them tried and tested by us over the last few years.

1. Coleman Xtreme Cool Box

Cheap regular cool boxes just don’t compare – Coleman Xtreme cool boxes work passively to keep the contents of the box cold. If packed correctly, they will keep ice for 5 days without power. We simply wouldn’t be without either of ours!

Coleman Xtreme Cool Box

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2. SHO Insulated Water Bottle

An insulated water bottle for camping trips is an absolute must. These SHO water bottles come in an array of funky colours, different sizes and will keep your water cool all day too.

SHO Insulated water bottle

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3. OCube USB Rechargeable Fan

This fan is brillliant and hands down the best portable fan we’ve ever owned! It operates for 8 hours on the low setting from just one charge and can be recharged via usb. It’s a real must-have and worth every penny.

3. OCube USB Rechargeable Fan

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Collapz Camping Gear Banner

4. Boots Repel Maximum DEET & PMD Aerosol

Strong and effective, continaing 50% DEET and 1% PMD for long lasting protection from mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects, which may carry infectious diseases.

Boots Repel Maximum DEET & PMD Aerosol £8.99

5. Outwell 12 Litre Collaps Water Carrier

Constantly having to refill a tiny water carrier at the campsite is no fun, and in hot weather you’ll get through more water than usual. Investing in a big water carrier like the Outwell Collaps makes sense and we’re big fans of ours!

Outwell 12 Litre Collaps Water Carrier

6. Jack Wolfskin Summer 4 in 1 Sleeping Bag

This is a really lovely lightweight sleeping bag that can be used as a blanket. Its low weight makes it ideal for summer camping, but it also provides enough warmth for when the weather starts to turn a wee bit cooler. Unzip to use as a blanket to cosy up around the campfire!

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7. 5M Twin Door Canvas Bell Tent £549.99

This 5m canvas bell tent from Bell Tent Boutique features 2 doors, so you can open both for maximum air flow on hot camping trips and canvas tents are breathable too so they don’t get as stifling as modern Polyester tents.

5M Twin Door Canvas Bell Tent £549.99

8. Campingaz Party Grill 600

Make the most of the weather and cook meals outdoors with the ultra portable and super versatile Campingaz Party Grill 600.

Campingaz Party Grill 600 £149.93

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9. Hydro Force Ventura Inflatable Kayak

OK so this isn’t essential, but being out or in the water when it’s hot is a wonderful way to cool down. If you aren’t camped near the sea find a lake and take to the water on an inflatable kayak, don’t forget safety equipment like buoyancy aids too though. The Ventura is currently available at Go Outdoors for just £149.00.

10. Coleman Water Resistant Event Outdoor Shelter

Create a shaded outdoor kitchen and dining room or just create a space to hang out in the shade with the Coleman event shelter.

Coleman Water Resistant Event Outdoor Shelter £149.95

11. Chevron Plastic Backed Pic Nic Blanket

A picnic blanket is a summertime must, also ideal for popping outside your tent or using inside your tent as a tent carpet.

12. Mountain Warehouse Bug Guard Mosquito Net

If you’re camping in the summer a mosquito net makes a great investment, and most can be easily secured to a tent to ensure you won’t be feasted on over night.

Mountain Warehouse Bug Guard Misquito Net £10.50

13. Eurohike Genus Shelter V2

Stay cool by created a shaded area with this quick to inflate air shelter from Eurohike, the Genus Shelter V2 will provide a good amount of shade on sunny days helping keep you cool, and of course, it will also keep you dry in a downpour!

14. Bug Zapping Camping Lantern

When it’s hot you’re going to want maximum airflow in your tent, but even with the mesh doors and windows closes, but can still get inside your tent. These lanterns are rechargeable and do a decent job of attracting flying, bitey things.

Bug Zapping Camping Lantern

15. Cobb Compact Portable Barbecue

Cobb barbecues are highly portable and also highly versatile. Unlike a regular charcoal barbecue the little Cobb happily barbecues, roasts, bakes, frys and makes a great smoker too!

Cobb Compact Portable Barbecue

16. Colpaz Rechargable Camp Shower

I bought one of these last year and I love it! It works a treat and is ideal for taking showers whenever you want and great for cooling down when it’s a really hot day. It’s also really handy for cooling down hot doggo-people.

Colpaz Rechargable Camp Shower

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