CAMPING GEAR | Versatile Summer Camping With The Jack Wolfskin 4 in 1 Blanket Sleeping Bag – Review

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We review this versatile compact sleeping bag, ideal for fair-weather camping that also doubles up as a blanket. Read our full review here.

Jack Wolfskin 4 in 1 sleeping bag blanket

What is it?

Jack Wolfskin 4 in 1 Blanket Sleeping Bag £90

Our Rating 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)



  • Rectangular summer sleeping bag with 4-in-1 function
  • Insensitive to moisture
  • Thermozone Technology – extra insulation at cold-sensitive areas
  • All-round zip
  • Softtouch 50D, robust, soft and breathable sleeping bag fabric
  • Microguard – very soft and robust 2-component synthetic insulation with high insulation performance
  • Temperature max: +19°C, comfort +9°C
  • Weight: 1525g
Jack Wolfskin 4 in 1 sleeping bag blanket

What we thought

When it comes to sleeping bags, as a dedicated car camper and someone who hates feeling restricted, the sleeping bags I favour are always envelope style and where possible I choose natural rather than synthetic materials.

With some campsites remaining closed this summer and with a trip down south planned for later in the year we decided that now was the time to finally give wild camping a try, meaning our usual bulky camping gear wouldn’t cut it.

Whilst I’ve finally found a sleeping bag I love for cold camping trips, I didn’t have something for summer camping, so the Jack Wolfkin 4 in 1 looked ideal, providing a good combination of relatively lightweight performance, without compromising too much on pack size.

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Whilst at 1.5Kg there’s no way this sleeping bag could be considered suitable for lightweight backpacking, for our wild camping, when we don’t walk more than about a kilometre or so from the car to pitch, the sleeping bag is perfect and more than manageable to carry for a short distance and to be honest, I’d always choose to sacrifice weight in favour of additional comfort.

The first time I tested the bag we camped during a weekend of highly changeable weather which included high winds for 3 days and rain – whilst one night was fairly mild, the second night was chilly.

Jack Wolfskin 4 in 1 sleeping bag blanket
Used as a blanket whilst camping

Keen to keep up good social distancing with the friends and family we were camping with, we spent hours each evening sat outside our tents chatting, playing games and of course drinking. On the second chillier night I was relieved to have a genuine opportunity to test out the sleeping bag as a blanket and had it wrapped around me most of the evening.

The benefit of this is that when it came to bedtime, it had already been warmed by my body heat and sliding into the sleeping bag (which is a generous size and never felt at all restrictive or narrow) I honestly wasn’t sure it would continue to keep me warm throughout the night with it being relatively thin, but it did an amazing job and I was warm and cosy all night.

Jack Wolfskin 4 in 1 sleeping bag blanket

The verdict

Our Rating

Quality 5/5

Practicality 5/5

Looks 4.5/5

Value 4.5/5

Overall Rating 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

This is an excellent sleeping bag that exceeded my expectations. My main concerns were that it would be too thin to keep me warm and that the fabric would be of the kind that I’ve encountered in the past that feels clingy and slightly sweaty. Instead, I found even on a chilly night that the sleeping bag was more than adequate on its own to keep me warm (and I’m a very cold camper usually) and I didn’t need any of the extra blankets I’d bought along ‘just in case’.


  • Highly versatile sleeping bag/blanket
  • Relatively compact & lightweight for an envelope style sleeping bag at 1.5kg
  • There’s a removable liner
  • Effectively kept me warm on a chilly evening
  • Excellent quality and the zippers never got stuck and were easy to use
  • I love the funky turquoise colour


  • Too heavy/bulky to use as a backpacking sleeping bag
Jack Wolfskin 4 in 1 sleeping bag blanket
Unzipped and used as a double blanket

I really like the clever extended shoulder area which you can tuck in for extra warmth and I loved how versatile the sleeping bag is. I used it on the first warmer night unzipped as a double bedspread, as a blanket whilst sat outside and also as a single sleeping bag.

I love the fact that it includes an easily removable liner sheet too. Sleeping bags can be difficult or even impossible to properly wash depending on their construction and airing them and blasting them with Febreeze at the end of the season is all well and good, but a removable liner that can be washed is so much better!

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The weight and size of the sleeping bag compares very well to all of the other, admittedly 3-season sleeping bags I have, and I will be using this as my summer sleeping bag of choice from now on.

Jack Wolfskin 4 in 1 sleeping bag blanket
Zipped up and used as a sleeping bag

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to Jack Wolfskin who supplied the featured product to us to test. We were not paid to write this review.

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