CAMPING GEAR | Coleman Xcelerate 600 SG Grill Review

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Coleman Xcelerate 600 SG Grill

What is it?

Coleman Xcelerate 600 SG Grill RRP: £119.00


  • Multifunctional two-burner gas stove with two powerful 2200 watt Xcellerate burner heads
  • Multi-cooking options
  • Easy to Transport
  • 2 x 165 g/h gas consumption
  • 1L in 10min outdoor boil time
  • Runs off R904, R907, Butane/Propane cylinders


The verdict

Straight out of the box this feels like a nice quality bit of kit. It’s chunky and well made and feels reassuringly sturdy and capable.

A small amount of assembly is required as shown in the pictures below, but it was pretty straightforward and quick to do.

Once assembled the stove was relatively easy to get up and running, though do make sure you’ve purchased the right gas (Coleman R904 or R907 Butane/Propane cylinders).

The burners are powerful and it’s easy to control the rate of burn. We liked that there is an in-built ignition too. The Primus double burner we have is lovely, but it requires lighting manually which is a bit of a pain.

Coleman Xcelerate 600 SG Grill

The pot stands were very sturdy and having two burners is something we now see as being crucial when camping, so if like us, you like to cook properly when camping or have a family to feed, you’ll find a double burner is a worthwhile investment.

We also found that the side tables were really useful, making it very practical when camping. The lid also effectively works as a windbreak and with the addition of the grates on top of the burners, cooking outdoors is easy.

Any gripes?

Although this is a great bit of kit, we thought the legs felt a little spindly and would have liked them to feel sturdier. That said, they do the job, and the stove can also be used on top of a camp kitchen unit or table (which is actually our preferred way to use it).

Coleman Xcelerate 600 SG Grill

Final Say

Our Rating

Quality 4/5

Practicality 4.5/5

Value 4/5

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

We think the Coleman Xcelerate 600 SG Grill is a great bit of kit and love that it’s just as at home on a camping trip as it is in the garden which means it scores extra points for versatility.

It’s really good quality and packs down to a relatively small size as everything folds in on itself and the legas are easily removed, so we have no trouble in recommending this, particularly for family campers.

Coleman Xcelerate 600 SG Grill

Thank you to Coleman who sent the featured product to us. We were not paid to write this review.

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