OUTDOOR GEAR | For Warmer Winter Camping & Hiking Try The Clever New Zippo HeatBank

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If like me you always seem to be freezing at night when you’re camping despite layering and using a technical sleeping bag, or if you’re always chilly on winter walks, you’ll love the brand new Zippo HeatBank, a rechargeable hand warmer offering up to 6 hours of warmth. Read on to find out more.

HeatBank™ 6 Recharageable Hand Warmer & Power Bank

Available in 6 hour and 3 hour models, the new Zippo HeatBank let’s your warm your hands or charge your phone at the press of a button, making them ideal for anyone who spends time outdoors during the colder months. Acting as both a hand warmer and a power bank, the HeatBank allows you to stay connected and warm while enjoying the great outdoors!

HeatBank™ 6 Recharageable Hand Warmer & Power Bank
Left: HeatBank 6 in silver and green Right: HeatBank 3 in Silver and black

With the 6 hour model reaching a toasty 50°C and the 3 hour model reaching 45°C, each providing varying temperature options, you’ll never find yourself with cold hands again with this lasting and reliable source of warmth. To recharge your HeatBank, simply plug it into a power source via the USB cable provided.

HeatBank™ 6 Recharageable Hand Warmer & Power Bank

Both the 3 hour and 6 hour models feature indicator lights which display heat settings as well as remaining battery, letting users know exactly when it’s time to recharge. Additionally, an included charging cable can be plugged into many electric devices for quick recharging, turning each Rechargeable HeatBank into a portable power bank for a variety of items including mobile phones, tablets or digital cameras.

HeatBank™ 6 Recharageable Hand Warmer & Power Bank

The new hand warmers cost £24.99 for the HeatBank 3 hour or £34.99 for the HeatBank 6 hour.

Find out more about the new Zippo HeatBank range here.