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Autumn is my very favourite season and here in the UK it often means bright, dry and sunshiney days and a fresh feel to the air. I used to think that camping was strictly a summer activity, but over the last few years, I’ve done more camping than ever in early spring, autumn and even in the height of winter, and there are plenty of good reasons to fall in love with camping at this time of year…

Camping in Autumn

The thought of being cold when camping in autumn will undoubtedly put a lot of people off, and as someone who tends to feel the cold quite acutely, my new found love of cold-weather camping here in the UK has come as a bit of a surprise!

Staying warm and dry is definitely the key to enjoying camping in colder weather, but here are some reasons why I really do think Autumn is the perfect time to get your tent out.

Autumn Camping

6 Great Reasons To Love Camping in Autumn

1. Nature is at its most dramatic best

With the tree’s turning in a riot of truly stunning colour, it’s a great time marvel at nature and to snap some fantastic photographs. Not only are the trees turning, but September is fungi time, making it the perfect opportunity to head for the woods to spot fungi.

Did you know that leaves change colour because as the days get shorter and there’s less sunlight, trees stop feeding their leaves, leading to a breakdown of chlorophyll which in turns leads to the vibrant changes in colour we see at this time of year?

2. The air is clean and crisp

There’s something unmistakable about autumn air, and from late August onwards you can catch a fleeting feel of it.

By the time it’s autumn proper (marked as 1st of September by meteorologists, or for people like me, autumn begins later in the month on the autumn equinox) there’s a crisp and clean feel to the air and on a bright sunny autumn day, you’ll get a much-needed top-up of your vitamin D levels as the nights start to draw in.

Camping in Autumn

3. Camping is cosy and joyful

There’s something wonderfully primal and satisfying about being snuggled up inside a tent when the temperature drops or when bad weather is raging all around.

The secret to camping during the chillier months is making sure you stay warm in your tent, which generally means making sure you’ve got plenty of things like a good quality 3 or 4 season cold weather sleeping bag, extra blankets, a hot water bottle, thermals and extra layers.

If you’re properly prepared, camping in autumn (and even winter!) can be a truly joyful experience.

My autumn and winter camping setup

Check out the brilliant new Vango Radiate heated sleeping bag and see our tips on keeping warm when camping.

4. Quieter campsites

Campsites are generally far quieter at this time of year, especially if you are camping outside of the school holidays.

In late September and October, you’re almost guaranteed a greater level of peace and tranquillity, wherever you choose to camp.

Camping in autumn in Cumbria
Camping in autumn at Castlerigg Hall Campsite in Keswick

5. Walking routes are less-crowded

Walking and generally spending time being active in the outdoors in Autumn is a joy. You’ll find that even some popular walks are much, much quieter, I mean who wants to queue up for a photo at a trig point anyway?

The start of the Catbell walk
Catbells in autumn

6. Cheaper campsite fees

Many campsites will have different pricing based on the time of year. As Autumn is generally considered off-peak, you could find that pitching up costs less at this time of year.

What is your favourite time of year for camping? Do you agree that Autumn is the ideal season for camping? Let us know in the comments below!

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