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The newly expanded Vango Earth collection marries camping functionality with greater sustainability. This year Vango is turning plastic waste equivalent to 8.25 million plastic bottles into tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, chairs, and rucksacks. Read on to find out more.

Vango earth collection

I’ve long been a fan of Vango I chose them for my very first proper family camping set up and when my daughter did her DofE and needed a lightweight tent she could carry, I once again chose Vango.

One of my favourite tents is my little Vango AirBeam which has received more use than I thought possible in a short space of time, and one of my favourite camping products is my Vango Radiate heated sleeping bag, both of which demonstrate just how far camping has come in the last decade.

The latest innovation from Vango sees them move towards more sustainable materials and their newly expanded Earth Collection features a range of camping products constructed using fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Earth Collection for 2022 is bigger than ever and we’ve been hands-on with the Vango Alpha 300 tent and the Vango Zenith 200 sleeping bag to find out whether their Earth collection can also deliver performance…

Vango Alpha 300 Earth Collection Tent

Constructed inner first, with a sewn-in groundsheet, the Alpha 300 is small but mighty. It’s small and light, quick to put up and with good levels of waterproofing, this little tent is super versatile.

Vango Alpha 3 Earth Collection tent
Space inside the Alpha 300

It’s rare that small tents are actually big enough to sleep as many bodies as they claim, but the Alpha 300 is big enough for 3 people, but it’s the perfect size for 2 people on SIMs with enough space for bags and camping gear.

There’s also a good-sized front porch and excellent ventilation. On my spring camp out, I found it retained heat and stood up to windy conditions well and I love the darker bedroom area and also the bag which is a generous size, with a pull string toggle and compression straps.

Reasons to consider the Alpha 300 tent

  • Fast to set up the tent and can be used without the flysheet in hot, dry weather
  • Sleeping compartment has bug mesh for great airflow
  • Flysheet is made using recycled bottles 🌎
  • Lightweight and good heat retention
  • Very small pack size which weighs just
  • Generously sized fast pack tent bag
  • Excellent quality for the price retailing at £135

Find out more about the Vango Alpha 300 tent

Vango Zenith 200 Earth Collection Sleeping Bag

Just about long enough for my 6 foot tall husband, this 2 season mummy-style sleeping bag offers good levels of warmth for Spring and Summer camping trips.

It features a removable zipped mesh layer over the head, which keeps bugs at bay, making it ideal for those that want to bivvy too. Of course, another big benefit is that the sleeping bag is made using recycled polyester and whilst the bright orange colour might be a bit too much for some, the brighter the better for me, so I really like it!

Reasons to consider the Zenith 200 sleeping bag

  • Roomy and effective stuff/compression sack with small pack size
  • Mosquito net over the fact
  • Made using recycled 50D 300T Diamond polyester 🌎
  • Lightweight and good heat retention
  • 1.6kg weight
  • Machine washable
  • Retails at £65

Find out more about the VangoZenith 200 sleeping bag

Easy tips help make camping sustainable

  • Choose recycled materials where possible – when shopping with Vango, that means looking for their Earth Collection logo
  • Stick to the buy once, buy well philosophy so instead of buying cheap and potentially poorly made camping gear, invest in something build to last instead which can work out cheaper in the long run
  • Don’t throw away usable camping gear and send it to landfill, instead, pass it on for free using Freecycle or Olio, sell it on eBay or in a local Facebook group or give it away, for example to a youth charity or local Scouts group
  • Don’t use disposable, single-use plastic cutlery and plates, instead, opt for something reusable or choose sustainably sourced bamboo
  • Keep your tent in good working order longer by making sure you follow care instructions, re-waterproofing it at regular intervals, cleaning it, storing it in a damp-free location and fixing or replacing things like broken poles as necessary to prolong the life of your tent
  • Use refillable water bottles instead of taking plastic bottled water with you
  • Bring different bin bags to help you separate your rubbish into recyclables and non-recyclables which most campsites now support

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