NEWS | Light My Fire Launches Appetising New Outdoor Dining Products for 2024

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Outdoor dining and cooking brand Light My Fire has announced details of three new products for spring 2024. Read on to find out more…

Light My Fire Launches Appetising New Outdoor Dining Products for 2024

The Swedish company is launching two styles of tableware and a lunchbox, designed for eating on the go, and made from 100% BPA-free biobased plastic. The new Light My Fire Ramenplate is available now, while the Platter and MyBox will be in stock from February.

Light My Fire makes its products with Ecozen, a biomass-based transparent copolyester with high heat resistance. This BPA-free material uses biomass (15%) from European GMO-free corn starch. It is scratch-resistant and easy to clean by hand. It’s also microwave and dishwasher compatible, for use in kitchens.

Whether on a solo camping trip, enjoying van life or bike packing, Light My Fire’s reusable tableware allows outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy meals wherever they go outdoors.

The new Ramenplate has a handy size, with a diameter of 204mm and depth of 32mm, and is easy to pack away neatly on its own or in a stack. A Ramenplate weighs 112g and can be bought as a single item (retail price £7.95) or in packs of four (£29.95), in sage green or cream.

The Light My Fire Platter

The Light My Fire Platter will be available in two sizes. The small Platter has dimensions of 201mm by 140mm and a depth of 23mm (weighing 89g), while the medium is 252mm x 140mm x 23mm (110g).

Like the Ramenplate, the Platters are made out of Ecozen, and are scentless, shatterproof, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Microwave and dishwasher, compatible, the Light My Fire Platters will be available in sage green or cream. The small Platter will retail at £7.95 and the medium Platter will retail at £8.95.

The Light My Fire MyBox

The Light My Fire MyBox is a neat new lunchbox, measuring 170mm by 170mm, with a depth of 71mm and weighing 226g. It has a capacity of 1,050ml and Light My Fire has designed it so that the curved base matches the spoon end of the brand’s iconic Spork. Made out of Ecozen, each MyBox comes with a transparent, tight-fitting lid.

Designed to deliver secure storage for any food, it’s ideal for camping and a wide variety of outdoor activities, and can be stored away neatly in a pack when on the move. Retailing at £17.95, the Light My Fire MyBox will be available in sage green.

The new Light My Fire products will all be available from

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