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We’ve long been fans of bell tents and are head over heels in love with our new 6m Boutique Camping rainbow bell tent. Each time we’ve used it it’s drawn admirers, so we thought we’d feature it here and let you have a look at it.

Boutique Camping

Bell tent bag
At 6m wide it’s bigger than our previous bell tent, but the extra space makes heaps of difference! We love the extra door height and the extra height of the walls, which means there is even more usable space inside.

Rainbow bell tent

The interior taken wish a fisheye lens to give you a true sense of size and space!

In the picture above, to give you an idea of scale, I am 5.6″ and can walk in and out of the tent without bending. The bed you can see at the far end is super king size, and there’s still heaps of space all around to accommodate all of our camping furniture.

Fitting the Outbacker® 'Firebox' Tent Stove

Fitting the flashing kit (purchased separately)

Outbacker® 'Firebox' Tent Stove installed in our tentShown with the Outbacker Firebox stove

We have a very large kitchen unit a big cool box and numerous boxes of gear, but they don’t take up nearly as much space as in the 5m bell tent.

In the picture below, you can see that we fitted a flashing kit and started using our wood burning stove in it straight away. We camped for 5 days, and on 3 of those nights it was freezing, but the wood burner kept us toasty. Find out more about the Glawning Glow wood burning stove here.

Glawning Glow Wood Burning Bell Tent StoveThe wood burning stove in place

As with all Boutique Camping bell tents, the branding and styling is beautiful with high attention to detail.

Boutique Camping Bell tents

Boutique Camping Guy Ropes

Despite the extra size (which does make it heavy to carry) we are delighted with the new tent, and are glad we moved up from a 5m to a 6m. If you are considering such a big tent however, do make sure you take into account the fact that some campsites, will charge you more to pitch it.

front of bell tent

IMG_2707Double height kingsize air bed inside our bell tent

If you are wondering if a bell tent is the right option for you, see our article Should I Buy a Bell Tent?

Inside our bell tent
The Rainbow Bell Tent comes in a variety of different sizes, and you can find out more on the Boutique Camping website.

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