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What is it?

Valiant Nomad Portable Folding Barbecue £49.99



  • Lightweight, folding barbecue
  • Removeable grill and grate
  • Integrated carry/travel case
  • Stable, folding legs

The verdict

I’m a big fan of dining outdoors and any chance I get, instead of cooking inside I’ll opt for a barbecue instead. From last-minute after work barbecues for just the 2 of us to full on family affairs I grab every possible opportunity to cook and eat outside.

You might have seen us review some smaller portable barbecues with electric fans in the past, but the Nomad is very much a traditional charcoal barbecue.

The first thing I noticed was the high quality of the Nomad. It’s beautifully well made with a sleek metal case, a sturdy handle and stable folding legs which keeps the barbecue far away enough from the ground to ensure you won’t damage the grass.


My gripe in the past with portable charcoal barbecues has been open sided designs which allow burning charcoal to drop out with far too much ease.

With the Nomad however I was reassured to see that it has a rectangular bowl to house the charcoal, and thanks to it’s sides, makes it much less likely burning bits of charcoal will escape and in practice, I didn’t have any issues at all – so far so good.

My second main gripe with portable charcoal barbecues is that clean up at a campsite can be a messy affair, so I was keen to see how the Nomad would fare when it came to cleaning it and packing it away.

Thanks to the metal tray which holds the charcoal, clean up is a total doddle, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever found clean-up so fast and easy! Once cold I simply took out the tray and tipped the ashes into a bin bag, then using some anti-bacterial wipes wiped down the inside of the case where a little bit of fat had splashed and even thoroughly cleaned the grill with just a few wipes!

Any issues?

Thanks to the amazing weather over Easter and more recently, we’ve used the Nomad for several barbecues now and I can’t really fault it! Though I do think saying its large enough to cook for 6 is a bit of a stretch.

The grill is just about big enough to cook for 3 people

Final say

Our Rating

Quality 4.5/5

Practicality 4.5/5

Looks 5/5

Value 4/5

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

I can’t fault this little barbecue, it’s really well made and super easy to travel with and to clean up after use.

My only niggle is the claim that it’s big enough for 6. Don’t buy this as a family barbecue, as the grill surface just isn’t big enough to cook for more than 3 people.

The Nomad barbecue full to capacity with food for 2

The fact that everything is neatly contained within the sturdy metal carry case is a real bonus making it a super practical choice for campers and I’m sure this will come along with us on many more summer camping trips!

An excellent alternative to disposable barbecues

Wildfires in the UK are sadly on the increase and I can’t stress enough how much against disposable barbecues I am. Mainly because they can be used so carelessly, with little thought to the damage they can cause when used straight on the ground like so many are, causing damage to grass and picnic benches.

So if you’re looking for an alternative that’s safer to use on camping trips and days out, the Valiant Nomad is well worth considering.

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