GEAR | Staying Hydrated With The Chilly’s X Liberty Summer Sprigs Blush Series 2 500ml Water Bottle

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When it comes to insulated water bottles Chilly’s are the number one choice and their new collaboration with Liberty combined with their series 2 design results in a supremely versatile water bottle that looks absolutely gorgeous…

What is it?


  • Collaboration with British icon, Liberty
  • 24 hours cold
  • 12 hours hot
  • 100% leakproof
  • Soft rubber base
  • Antimicrobial, reduces microbes by up to 99.99%

What we thought

The whole Camping with Style ethos is that we believe that things can be both beautiful and practical and the Chilly’s x Liberty collaboration proves that point exactly.

Sure, florals might not be your thing which is cool – there are plenty of other designs to choose from, regardless of your vibe or aesthetic, I just happen to like pink and think this is the cutest print ever.

The new iteration of the classic Chilly’s water bottle and includes a tapered mouth section which makes drinking, especially whilst on the go, for example in the gym or out walking, a blessedly drip-free experience.

The new rubber bottom, may at first feel like something that’s not much to get excited by, but it gives the bottles a totally different feel and makes handling them somehow nicer – it definitely makes the bottles feel more refined, just one of the features that allow them to command a £36 price tag.

Yes, £36 is quite a lot for a 500ml water bottle, but in terms of performance, it’s worth it. I want my water to be kept cold all night long on my bedside table, when it spends all day inside my bag before an evening gym visit and I definitely want it to remain cold when I’m out on a summer hike or open water swimming.

I’m pleased to say that this Chilly’s bottle performs admirably and did I mention how gosh-darned cute it looks?

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to Chilly’s who supplied the featured product to us to test and share our honest opinions on. We were not paid to write this review.

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