GEAR | We’ve Found The Best Summer Sandals, Keen Elle Sport Backstrap Sandal – Review


You know we’re huge Keen fans here at Camping with Style and are always excited when something new from them comes our way. The Keen Elle Sport Backstrap Sandals are an outstanding shoe, and for summer backpacking trips could easily be the only piece of footwear you need to pack. Read on for our full review.

Keen Elle Sport Sandal Review

What are they?

Keen Women’s Elle Sport Backstrap Sandal €100.00



  • Eco Anti-Odour
  • Recycled P.E.T. Plastic
  • PFAS-Free Water Repellency
  • Contoured Fit
  • Cushioned Foam Midsole
  • Higher-traction Rubber Outsole
  • Breathable Mesh Lining

What we thought

I can’t contain my excitement and I don’t even want to set teasers and drag my verdict out, so I’m going to blurt it straight out; these sandals are exceptional and you should probably get some. Let me explain why.

Keen Elle Sport Sandal Review


The comfort of these sandals is next level, the velcro-adjustable webbing means you can get the perfect fit and they have a lovely shaped footbed that provides just enough support (even for this flat-footed goon) as well as a rugged sole which provides stability even on uneven and loose ground.

The footbed is nicely cushioned, without feeling like you’re walking on two bouncy castles and the sandal is also comfortable when wet, although I did get a little squelchy squeak.

Keen Elle Sport Sandal Review


The vibrant golden lichen and green colour is a little bit weird, a little bit funky and completely joyful, which matches my vibe perfectly. There are plainer colours available, however, for those who prefer to do the whole subtle thing.

With their chunky white sole and colourful padded straps, they are literally everything I could ask for in a sandal.

Keen Elle Sport Sandal Review

Fit and sizing

I’ve mentioned previously that I have a normal to slightly narrow foot and I’m a UK 6. I always find it super annoying when a size comes up too big or too small, but the size 6 Elle feels true to size and is the perfect fit for me.

For those with a slightly wider foot, you could probably adjust the padded, webbed velcro straps to accommodate, but for a wide foot, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. For a regular width foot, or one that’s on the narrower side however, these sandals will likely be a great fit.

Keen Elle Sport Sandal Review


I’m not going to try and make you believe that I travel light, ever. To be entirely honest the thought of going anywhere for more than one night with just hand baggage fills me with fear, but, if I were heading off on a backpacking trip or jetting off for some sunshine with only a cabin bag, you can bet these are what I’d take.

What’s more, if I were off travelling this summer and for some reason, I could only choose one item of footwear to take with me, again, it would be these.

On a recent trip up to Scotland, I encountered actual quicksand, essentially a horror-inducing sandy, muddy sludge that sucked my foot into it. Needless to say, my sandals were covered in the stuff and looked pretty grim once I’d managed to extricate my foot and slowly back away.

Back at the lodge, I took them into the shower with me and gave them a scrub using my Molton Brown shower gel, which was probably a bit extra, but hey, only the best for gear I love.

After leaving them outside for the rest of the day to air dry, they looked good-as-new, so I can say from experience, that even when super dirty, they are easy to clean.

Final verdict

The Keen Elle sport sandal is so comfortable and versatile, that you really could be forgiven for living in them all summer. They are the perfect holiday, backpacking and summer camping sandal, and if you like the way they look, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with them.

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