TENTS | Brand New Therm-a-Rest Tranquility 4 Man Tent – Review

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Therm-a-rest Tranquility 4 freestanding tent

Technical features

  • Freestanding tent, 4 or 6 man versions available
  • Peak Height 1.63m
  • Floor Area 4.5 sq m
  • Vestibule Area 2.6 sq m
  • Weight 5.19kg
  • Rainfly 68D polyester ripstop 6000mm PU
  • Floor 150D polyester oxford 10,000mm PU coating
  • RRP £425.00

Pitching the Thermarest tent

Mr CWS carrying the Therm-a-rest Tranquility 4 backpack

Thermarest tent poles

3 colour coded poles that fit easily together

Seattle-based Therm-a-Rest manufacture premium outdoor equipment, and invented the world’s first self-inflating mattress back in 1972. When it came to designing their first tent range, Therm-a-Rest were keen to put liveability and convenience at the top of their priorities. The result is the Tranquility tent, 4 and 6 man freestanding tents that feature a gothic inspired arch design with a ridge that sheds rain, adds strength and provides great head clearance.

Clipping the Therm-a-rest tent into place

Clipping the inner tent to the poles

Pitching the Thermarest tent

The inner tent erected, waiting for the flysheet to clip over the top

The Therm-a-Rest Tranquility tent won’t be available in stores until January 2017, but we got the chance to try one our for ourselves, testing it overnight in the garden and again at a local campsite.

Pitching the tent

The unusual design was inspired by gothic architecture, and because of the arched design, the tent is pretty unique because it is free-standing. That means much like a popup tent, the structure supports itself and will stand up, without the need for guy ropes to be pegged out.

Therm-a-rest tent colour coded poles

Colour coded poles and loops

We found pitching the tent to actually be pretty straight forward despite the rather uniqe structure and pole design. The poles clip easily onto the frame of the inner tent and are colour coded too, which makes life much easier.

Pitching the Termarest Tranquility 4 Tent

With one end up, we then put a single peg in and that kept the whole structure up whilst we clipped in the pole at the other end.

Therm-a-rest Tranquility 4 porch

The tent features two identical covered porch areas

We found it best to fit the two end arches first, before attaching the larger middle pole to the rest of the structure. Once clipped into place, the fly sheet covers the top section and is simply popped on top then easily clipped into place. Putting the tent up, took us under 10 minutes on our second attempt, and around 15 minutes the first time we tried it. Not bad at all.

Therm-a-rest tent fly sheet clipped in place

The tent features two identical doors at either end, which makes for high levels of flexibility, and in summer, you could open both to let the air flow through. Throughout the tent there are various pockets and ample lantern hanging points. The internal space includes a central divider, which if not in use, can be unzipped and stowed away in handy little pockets.

Therm-a-rest tent fly sheet clipped in place

Doors at either end of the tent

We used the tent with a double airbed, so removed the dividing curtain giving us one large space big enough to sleep in and keep our bags in. We used the end vestibules for our small camp table, stove and ice box, the other one to store our walking boots and poles.

Inside the Therm-a-rest Tranquility 4 tent

We are renowned for our use of much larger than is strictly necessary tents, as we find the comfort factor is much higher when you have space and aren’t living on top of each other, and although the Tranquility 4 is small by our usual standards, we felt it provided ample space for a comfortable weekend camping trip, and really like it.

Thermarest Tranquility tent porch

Best bits

  • Excellent attention to detail with regards to design with pockets to stow away doors and dividers into, plenty of lantern hanging points and the bag is brilliant; every component of the tent has it’s own spacious section
  • The tent does not need to be folded to put it away, you can simply stuff it all inside the spacious large chamber in the supplied bag.
  • The fact that the bag for the tent is also a backpack makes it suitable for more than just car camping.
  • The tent has a generous head height, meaning no stooping or bending to get in and out or when getting dressed.
  • Doors at either end add to the tents versatility.
  • The tent is fast to put up and take down, making it practical for bad weather camping.
  • High quality pegs that hold the ground well.
  • Ideal weekend tent for 2 people, or easily sleeps 4 as long as you don’t have much gear and aren’t trying to fit camping furniture into the tent as well.

Side view of Tranquility 4 tent

The verdict

The design of this tent is fantastic, there’s clearly been a lot of thought into creating this premium tent. Design aside, we found that the backpack style bag was exceptionally practical and we also loved how easy it was to set up and take down again.

insde view of Tranquility 4 tent

We’ve not used the tent in high winds yet, and would be very curious to know how the freestanding design stands up to bad weather. There are two guy ropes on either side I should point out, and the tent can be secured to the ground easily as there are peg loops all around the tent. We would love to camp in bad weather see how stable the tent is, but after two nights in the tent, we’ve been impressed by it’s performance, and love it’s unconventional looks.

Therm-a-rest Tranquility 4 freestanding tent

If you’re looking for something a bit different that is spacious yet easily portable, then this could be the tent for you. We like it a lot and from a design and practicality point of view think it makes an ideal weekend camping tent, or if you are into wild camping, but don’t want to be cooped up in a tiny expedition tent, this could definitely be worth considering.

Therm-a-rest Tranquility 4 freestanding tent

See more pictures over on Flickr.

Thank you to Therm-a-Rest for lending the tent for us to preview.