NEWS | SheltaPod Is The Awining That Works With Any Campervan or Vehicle

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SheltaPod is an innovative awning that works with any campervan or vehicle. Read on to find out more.

SheltaPod Awining

This 4-in-1 camping solution has a unique concertina design that can be configured to give unrestricted views of your surroundings or protect against the elements in seconds! With four different configurations to choose from, SheltaPod can easily adapt to the changing weather.

Included in the bag are curtain shades, privacy panels, groundsheet, front door panel, inner tent with integrated ground sheet (optional), webbing straps, all poles pegs and guy lines.

Set up options include sun canopy, half dome shelter, 4-person sleeping tent and drive-away awning.

SheltaPod camping awning

Features include skylight windows and built-in air vents to let the light in and keep the pod well ventilated.

The whole kit is lightweight and compact so it can fit easily in your vehicle without taking up too much space.

This season SheltaPod are launching a new model with an added zip door for quick getaway in driveaway mode. This added feature makes the free-standing pod more aerodynamic, providing extra protection from the elements.

Find out more or pre-order your SheltaPod now for delivery in April 2020.

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