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Adventure Accessories Beanie HatMy Adventure Accessories slouchy beanie hat

What is it?

Brimless Slouchy Beanie £12.50
Hiking Mitts £10

The verdict

As well as being thoroughly obsessed with backpacks and boots, my other obsession is hats. I’ve got beanie hats in an array of different styles and colours, but I’d been after something a bit more muted compared to my usual preferred bright pink and purple. Great for snowboarding and when out hill walking, not so great for pairing with my work wear though!

Adventure Accessories Hiking MittsAdventure Accessories Hiking Mitts

I have a good friend who is an extremely talented weaver and knitter and she makes some amazing things. As a knitter myself, who after several years of dabbling, can still only manage straight lines which limits me to pretty much scarves, the skill needed to knit anything with an actual shape completely eludes me, so I have a lot of respect for anyone that can follow a pattern and knit with consistent tension and without dropping stiches!

Adventure accessories beanie hat

A few of my friends also crochet and I consider crochet to be some kind of dark art, requiring skills I don’t possess and frankly can’t fathom, so when I came across Adventure Accessories who make handcrafted goodies like beanie hats, hiking mitts and gorgeous campfire lap blankets, I was keen to know more.

My slouchy beanie and hiking mitts arrived a few days ago, just as the early spring weather morphed back into winter and just as I was due to spend a weekend outdoors in Derbyshire.

Since they arrived I’ve worn the beanie hat and mitts to work every day and love them! They are both beautifully well-made and I love the grey colour which goes with pretty much anything. The hiking mitts are great too, they cover quite a lot of my fingers so keep my hands nice and warm whilst still providing a high degree of manual dexterity.

Adventure Accessories Beanie Hat

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, then the handcrafted collection from Adventure Accessories has some great options including this gorgeous rainbow campfire lap blanket.

You can get 10% off at Adventure Accessories and you can find out more on the Adventure Accessories website.