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Post-lockdown camping could be a very different experience for many of us this year. Although many campsites in England will finally begin to reopen on 4th July, some will be choosing to keep facilities including showers and toilets closed.

Pretty and well maintained grounds
Park Foot campsite, Cumbria

So how can you stay clean on your next camping trip if you end up at a campsite with closed facilities? We round up some of the best camp toilets and showers to keep you clean on your summer camping trip, as well as providing a selection of campsite entertainment ideas to keep the whole family occupied.

Stay clean at the campsite…

Colapz Rechargable Portable Camping Shower

Colapz Portable Camping Shower

With a rechargeable battery, the Colapz camping shower is a genius bit of kit and means you can stay clean throughout your camping trip. Consider constructing a privacy screen or utlity tent outside or pop on swimwear to shower.

Hi-Gear Annex Utility Tent

Taking your own portable shower or camp toilet camping with you is one thing, but when it comes to grabbing a bit of privacy on the privvy, a utility tent like this will definitely come in handy.

Shower In A Can Waterless Wash

Shower In A Can Waterless Wash

This is a great little product that helps to refresh, clean and deodorise without the need for water. Apply foam to skin & hair and let dry naturally and there’s no need to rinse or dry. Take a look at our Shower In A Can review.

SoftFibre Triangle Print Travel Towel

Travel towels are ideal for camping and whether you opt for a quick wash in the tent using a good old bucket and warm water or you’re lucky enough to bag a pitch at a campsite with open showers, lightweight, quick-drying towels are a camping essential.

LifeSaver Jerrycan Starter Pack With Shower

LifeSaver Jerrycan Starter Pack With Shower

OK, it’s not cheap, but it is genius. LifeSaver make equipment designed for disaster situations, helping to keep people alive, and whilst I’m not suggesting camping this summer will be akin to a survival situation, easy access to clean drinking water and a shower could prove very useful.

Hi-Gear Portable Flushing Camp Toilet

Hi-Gear Portable Flushing Camp Toilet

If you’re short on space, this compact camp toilet will do the job for a small family on a short camping trip. Please make sure you read our guide to portable camping toilets before buying a camp toilet though to make the right choice for your family and individual needs.

Pits & Bits Waterless Wash Kit

Originally designed for festivals, Pits & Bit kits are also ideal for backpacking and wild camping, but if you’re facing a camping trip at a campsite with closed facilities this summer, packing something like this makes a lot of sense.

Kärcher OC3 Portable Cleaner

Kärcher OC3 Portable Cleaner

Usually used for cleaning mucky hiking gear and mucky dogs, if it can be used for dogs though, I’m sure it could be used on people so we’ll be using ours as a shower on our next camping trip. There’s a rechargeable battery, making it ideal for camping and a gentler spray nozzle can be purchased separately, for use on doggos and humans alike.

Popup Toilet / Shower Tent

There’s no sewn-in groundsheet on this popup privacy tent, making it ideal for showering in, allowing you to get naked rather than attempting to wash your bits through swimwear.

Lifeventure Dry Body Wash

Quickly wash your hands and body without water with this gentle but effective antibacterial gel. This dry body wash is pH-balanced so it won’t dry out your skin and totally biodegradable so it won’t damage the planet either.

Thetford 165 Portable Camp Toilet

Thetford 165 Camp Toilet

Anyone who has seen our guide on how to choose a camp toilet will know that we rate Thetford portable camp toilets very highly, so if you’re looking for a family-friendly camping toilet, this makes an excellent choice though please do make sure you check out our camp toilet buyers guide so you’ll know what to look for when choosing a camp loo.

Collapsible Water Bucket

Stick the kettle on and pour yourself a bucket of warm water to wash your bits in. Nope, washing from a bucket is never the same as a whole-body shower, but when a shower isn’t possible, it will at least keep sweaty body parts clean and fresh smelling.

Liberrway Camping Shower With Rechargeable Battery

Liberrway Camping Shower With Rechargeable Battery

Just stick the bottom doodah into a bucket or big bowl of water and hey presto, you have a camp shower! Don’t forget too you’ll need somewhere discrete to use it, so think about using a tall wind break, a utility tent or similar.

Luna XL Body Cleansing Wipes

Luna XL Body Cleansing Wipes

When all else fails, giant wet wipes come to the rescue and these are 100% biodegradable too. They’ll effectively clean away dirt and sweat leaving you feeling at least a little bit fresher, ideally pair with a waterless wash gel for the best results.

Kampa Dometic Large Collapsible Washing Up Bowl

Kampa Dometic Large Collapsible Washing Up Bowl

When we camp we have two popup washing up bowls, one for doing the washing up in and a different coloured popup washing up bowl for body washes. Very useful.

Stay entertained at the campsite…

HQ Kites 1.3m Symphony Beach III Rainbow Kite

HQ Kites 1.3m Symphony Beach III Rainbow Kite

Let’s go fly a kite….seriously, kite flying is one of those simple activities that’s massively underrated and this is an ideal starter kite that will provide heaps of flying fun for the whole family. Expect to pay around £24.99

Harry Potter Dobble Card Game

This little card game is brilliant, it’s ridiculously simple but highly addictive and easy for the entire family to play. Choose from original or the Harry Potter version.

Go Find It Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Such a simple game, but it can provide hours of fun and encourages kids to discover more about the natural environment. The game is pocket-sized too, making it ideal to take away camping.

French Boules Garden Game Set

French Boules Garden Game Set

Cheap and cheerful boules set that’s ideal for taking camping and something the whole family can play with ease.

Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges For Kids & Adults

This is a great fun and very lively board game designed for families full of crazy but fun challenges, many of which are physical so if you’re an active family and generally like being on the go, this could be the ideal game for you!

Classic All Surface Swingball Game

lassic All Surface Swingball Game

Who doesn’t love a good game of Swingball? This is a play-anywhere classic that kids and adult can enjoy, great for the campsite too especially if play parks are closed!

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