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This is a guest post by Rob Debenham, Fair Director at The Caravan & Motorhome Show

Benefits of being outdoors in winter

Once the summer months end, the arrival of the colder weather doesn’t mean we need to become a nation of hibernators. There are many benefits for getting outside during the colder months and for those already thinking of their New Year’s resolutions surrounding health, fitness or even just wanting to get outside more, there’s no better time than right now.

Rob Debenham, Fair Director at The Caravan & Motorhome Show, which returns to EventCity Manchester from 16th to 19th January 2020, shares five benefits for embracing the chill and heading into the great outdoors this Winter.

1. Boost your mood

We all know that being outside during the summer months can play a significant role in boosting our moods. Although it might be chillier, the winter months can play host to a bright sunny day. Getting outside and going on a brisk walk in the fresh, crisp air can lighten your mood, get your blood pumping and lift your spirits.

2. Reduce stress levels

Taking time in winter to reconnect with the wonders of nature can easily alleviate the stresses of everyday life. Whether it’s gazing out at a snowy landscape or hearing the crunch of your first footstep on the frost, taking a moment to appreciate your surroundings creates the ideal winter recipe for relaxation and better health.

Benefits of being outdoors in winter

3. Banish that cold

It’s often thought that it’s the cold weather that causes coughs and colds, but it’s the closed and spoiled air that promotes the exchange of bacteria and germs. Breathing in fresh air is one easy way to keep the germs at bay.

4. Experience a sense of adventure

For those of us who enjoy camping, just because we enter a new season doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a spot of sleeping under the stars. Yes, you may need to switch out your camping gear to be more weather appropriate; extra layers, a hooded sleeping bag, wellies, a shovel in case of snow and even a winter tent with stronger polls to protect from the wind to name a few, but you’ll experience stunning scenery, less insects, more peace and quiet and a greater sense of adventure! 

5. Burn excess energy

Running around outside with little ones is a great way for kids to burn off any excess energy they might have – and give parents a well-earned moment of peace. Putting down tablets and smartphones and stepping away from television and computer screens, to build a fort, climb trees or even simply go on a walk through the woods, will expand a child’s imagination, help them connect with nature and is perfect for a spot of family bonding.

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