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I’ve been considering writing a bucket list post for some time now, and thought now was as good a time as any, so I decided to finally get my list written!

Shell solo snowboarding La Plagne
Solo snowboarding trip to La Plagne in 2019

After getting married a couple of years ago and having an epic honeymoon, we’ve since stuck to smaller trips, including lots of road trips and I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with the Outer Hebrides.

Hello Adventure

I’m about as optimistic as a person can be, but I’m also a realist. I have limited funds and limited annual leave and these things can often combine to seriously curtail my travel dreams.

Charnwood Forest Alpacas Derbyshire
Trekking with Alpacas 2019

Add to this my dodgy back following my serious snowboarding accident and reality dictates that I’m not going to be making it up to Everest Base Camp any time soon, well, ever really.

Shell diving in Cozumel, Mexico
Completing my final PADI certification dive in Cozumel 2018

For many years I dreamed about visiting the wilds of Patagonia or cruising on an icebreaker in the Arctic, so whilst It’s fair to say I still have lofty dreams and ambitions and a lengthy “If I won the lottery” bucket list, I’ve tried to make this list as realistically attainable as possible.

Me hiking up Snowdon
Hiking up Snowdon

Don’t get me wrong there are still heaps of places I want to see and loads of things I want to do, hundreds probably, but I know full well, that many of them are never going to happen, so for now, I’ll keep those on a separate list in my head, awaiting that lottery win.

Snorkelling in the Indian Ocean 2017
Snorkelling in the Indian Ocean 2017

To put my bucket list into perspective, I thought I’d also include a list of things I’ve already ticked off the list that until now, had lived exclusively in my imagination.

Quad biking in the Sahara Desert
Quad biking in the Sahara Desert
Hello Adventure

Travel & Adventure Bucket List Things I’ve Already Done

  1. Snowboard down an Olympic black run
  2. Visit the Isle of Skye and Outer Hebrides
  3. Go sea kayaking
  4. Go white water rafting
  5. Ride a horse on the beach
  6. Dive with sharks
  7. Go on a solo overseas yoga retreat
  8. Hike up a mountain on my own
  9. Camp in the middle of winter
  10. Dive in the Red Sea
  11. Dive in the Indian Ocean
  12. Get PADI certified
  13. Go Alpaca trekking
  14. Walk up Snowdon
  15. Swim with sharks in the wild
  16. Visit Central Park in New York
  17. Naturally encounter a sea turtle in the wild
  18. Visit Tintagel
  19. Drink Champagne in a wood-fired hot tub under the stars
  20. Conquer my fear of heights and learn to climb
  21. Go wild swimming
  22. Travel by seaplane
  23. Go down a zip wire
  24. Kayak in the Ardèche
  25. Go quad biking in the Sahara desert
  26. Ride a camel
  27. Haggle in a souk in Marrakech
  28. Rock up to a ferry terminal with my passport and suitcase and no plan
  29. Dive in a marine nature reserve
  30. Cycle the Monsal Rail Trail in the Peak District
  31. Do a winter open-water swim
Kayaking on a Loch during a solo road trip up to Scotland 2017
Kayaking on a Loch during a solo road trip up to Scotland 2017

27 Travel & Adventure Bucket List Things I Haven’t Done Yet (last updated 03.03.2022)

  1. Go canoeing & wild camping in Canada
  2. Visit the Yukon
  3. Stay in a secluded forest somewhere random in Eastern Europe
  4. Go on a Shamanic journeying retreat
  5. Encounter Orangutans in Borneo
  6. Dive with Manta Rays in the Maldives
  7. Go wild camping in Scotland
  8. Explore the Norwegian Fjords
  9. Hike up a mountain early enough to watch the sunrise from the peak
  10. Return to Whistler in Canada to snowboard on my favourite mountain in the world
  11. Go on a campervan road trip around New Zealand
  12. Visit the Orkney Islands
  13. Photograph a Toucan in the wild
  14. Visit the Shwedagon Pagoda in Burma, where my grandmother grew up
  15. Visit Kingston in Jamaica where my biological father was born
  16. Travel to Scotland on the Caledonian sleeper train
  17. See Aurora Borealis
  18. Dive in a cenote in Mexico
  19. Hike up Cader Idris and swim in Llyn Cau
  20. Go on the Fforest Coaster at Zip World
  21. Go on a yoga retreat somewhere beautiful
  22. Visit a geothermal spa
  23. Take a scenic train journey through the Alps
  24. Go glamping in a treehouse
  25. Visit the Scilly Isles
  26. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  27. Swim with Whale sharks
Mexico Thomas Cook Airlines

So there you have it, I’ve finally put my bucket list down in writing and I can’t wait to see how many more adventures I’ll get to check off my list over the coming years!

I’d love to know what’s on your bucket list and whether anything on my list is on yours too! Drop a comment below.

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