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Looking for a pair of versatile summer sandals that can be worn casually in the day and dressed up at night? You’ve found them, with the Keen Ellecity Slides. Read on to find out more…

Keen Ellecity Slides Review

What are they?

Keen Women’s Ellecity Slide Sandals in Toasted Coconut Fawn £100/€120



  • Environmentally preferred premium leather from LWG-certified tannery
  • Eco anti-odour
  • Higher-traction rubber outsole
  • Slip-on design for easy on and go
  • Soft microfiber lining
  • EVA insole with arch support for all-day comfort
  • Keen fit for happy toes
  • Sizes 5 to 11

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What I thought

I spent my teens and twenties teetering around in monstrously high heels because as a size 10, I thought I was big and needed to lengthen my legs. What an idiot.

Never one for spindly stilettos, I always favoured a chunky platform or sky-high wedge. When I hit my mid 30’s though, I decided that heels were a patriarchal tool of oppression and that I really couldn’t be arsed to fulfill any kind of expectations or obligations inherently linked with my gender, so I began to choose comfort and rejoiced.

“From leather sandals to hiking boots, I’ve never met a pair of Keen shoes that I haven’t got on with.”

I still choose comfort over pretty much everything else (yet you still won’t EVER find me in Crocs) and when it comes to footwear, I’m very particular and know that there are a handful of brands that I can always trust. Keen is one of those brands.

Keen Ellecity Slides Review

From leather sandals to hiking boots, I’ve never met a pair of Keen shoes that I haven’t got on with. Enter the brand new Keen Ellecity Slides and yeah OK, I’m low-key obsessed.

I finally caved and invested in (sounds so much better than ‘spontaneously splurged on something I didn’t really need’ doesn’t it?) some Nike Air Max trainers earlier this year and put pink glitter elastic laces in them, so they just slip on and off so I no longer have to waste valuable seconds tying laces.

After doing this I then decided that I only wanted to wear things I could slip on and off in a matter of seconds, so when I was offered some new Keen summer sandals, you can bet your life that I went for the slides.

Not only are they slides – just shove yer hoof in and you’re done – but they are also wedges. Granted, not the 5″ skyscrapers of my youth, but a nice little wedge of the kind that provides a bit of height (and added calf definition) but crucially, aren’t so high that comfort levels plummet.

It’s crazy when you realise how poorly designed most shoes are and the absurd shape they squish women’s toes into, so I increasingly look for footwear that doesn’t restrict or squish my toes. The leather is buttery soft and the fixed straps and footbed provide plenty of room for your toes.

They also have anti-pong technology built into them and don’t leave my feet feeling sweaty like some sandals can.

Looks-wise, I’m an absolute sucker for anything pink and while the colours are generally a bit more muted than I usually choose, the contrasting mix of strap colours provides just enough interest for them to fit my usual aesthetic.

I’ve been wearing my Ellecity Slides since the start of June and have reached for them at every opportunity. I can drive in them, go out for cocktails in the evening in them, I can wear them to barbecues, throw them on with a dress when I’m feeling fancy and they are even comfortable enough for me to walk in, like properly walk in, as they have really good grip, so could even be worn on a short impromptu countryside walk.

Keen Ellecity Slides Review

If I was going away later this year I’d be taking them with me. But I’m not. Unless you count a road trip to the Outer Hebrides in Autumn, but I’m fairly certain sandals of any kind will be surplus to requirements for that.

So whilst I’ve not worn them on holiday, I can confidently say, these would make the perfect holiday sandal. I usually prefer bolder, brighter colours, but the colourway of these sandals means whatever colour nail polish you’re rocking, they won’t clash, and clothing-wise, they pretty much go with anything.

If just like me you are now poor after paying a crippling medical bill that your travel insurance refused to cover and are recovering from a spot of mild PTSD after being hospitalised in Egypt and only making it to the beach once on your long-awaited but totally ruined beach holiday, (no, just me?) and will not be escaping the confines of this fair isle again any time soon, they still make a cracking summer sandal choice, regardless of where you’ll be wearing them.

Buy them

Keen Ellecity Slide Sandals are made using environmentally preferred leather and are available direct from Keen and also from Expect to pay around £100/€120.

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to Keen who supplied the featured product that I have chosen to write about. We were not paid to write this review.

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