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Karcker OC3 portable washer

Clean boots, thanks to the Kärcher OC3

What we tested

Kärcher OC3 Portable Cleaner RRP: £149.99


Need to know

  • Lighweight and compact
  • 4-litre water tank
  • 5 bar pressure
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery
  • Spray gun and hose stored internally when not in use
  • Additional attachments available to purchase separately

What we thought

With an extremely muddy January walk still fresh in our minds (I didn’t know walking boots could attract that much mud!), when we were offered the chance to review the new Kärcher OC3 Portable Cleaner I jumped at the chance. Thankfully I’m happy to report that our days of dabbing ineffectively at muddy boots with a tissue are now over.

Karcker OC3 portable washer

Green LED light and large on/off button at the front of the unit

Karcker OC3 portable washer

My boots after cleaning them

Now firstly, I need to make a confession: I am mildly obsessed with pressure washers. It’s a bit weird I know, but I used to have one of the large Kärcher pressure washers for cleaning my car, patio etc and I absolutely loved it, there’s something that’s just so satisfying about using them! Anyway, when the dinky little OC3 arrived I wasn’t sure how powerful it would be given it’s battery operated and I’m used to pretty heavy duty pressure washers.

A few days later we went camping and pitched in a muddy field, and later that afternoon we went on a walk around Delamere Forest, giving us the perfect opportunity to find out exactly what the OC3 is capable of.

Karcker OC3 portable washer

Packed in the back of the car for a recent camping trip

The next day when we got home, we went for a local walk through Brook Wood and across a muddy field, we both used the Kärcher OC3 when we got back (see our video below) and it coped brilliantly.

Operation is really simple. The 4 litre tank is filled by lifting the large rubber cap on the top of the tank and then pressed back into place. The only minor gripe I have is with the big rubber stopper on the top is sometimes a bit of a faff to pop into place. To turn the unit on, there’s a large button on the font and a light comes on to show you it’s on. Grab the spray head, press the trigger and off you go.

Rather than tell you it cleaned our boots really well, it’s easier to just show you.

Karcker OC3 portable washer

Karcker OC3 portable washer

Alistair blasting the mud off his boots

The verdict

The OC3 is a brilliant little device that’s extremely capable. Ideal for getting rid of mud when you’re out and about, making it perfect for campers, walkers and in particular dog owners. Whilst camping, we also found that the OC3 was brilliant for blasting bird poo off our canvas tent, so we’ll definitely be taking it with us every time we go camping and out walking.

With the Kärcher OC3 in the boot of my car I now positively welcome muddy boots!

Karcker OC3 portable washer washing muddy boots

Thanks to Kärcher for supplying the featured product for us to review.


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