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There loads of different stainless steel water bottles on the market, but how do you know which one to go for? Super Sparrow water bottles prove you don’t need to pay a high price for a good quality water bottle.

Super Sparrow Insulated Water Bottle Review

What is it?

  • Super Sparrow Wide Mouth 500ml £15.59 – £23.99
  • Super Sparrow Small Mouth 750ml £10.36 – £16.95

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)



  • Stainless steel, double-wall insulation keeps contents hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours
  • BPA free
  • Leakproof
  • Wide mouth features a flexible handle
  • Rubberised, grippy base on the standard mouth version
Super Sparrow Insulated Water Bottle

What we thought

We’ve been lucky enough to receive two different versions of the Super Sparrow water bottles to try out and both of them have distinct benefits which we’ll look at in turn.

Firstly, although I used it for water and juice, I also used the wide mouth as a flask, storing hot water inside it ready for a brew after my weekly open water swim. I made myself a post-swim herbal tea and after 3 hours the water was still piping hot.

It is worth noting however that when the water was boiling hot, I did find that the wide mouth leaked a little. The heat must temporarily shrink the rubber seal inside the lid. Once the water had cooled a little (after about an hour) or with cold liquid inside, there were no issues at all with leaks in either of the flasks.

The flexible rubber handle on the lid of the wide mouth makes it nice and easy to grab when it’s at the bottom of your backpack and I also found the wide mouth was great for when I was really thirsty and wanted to take great big gulps of water.

By contrast, the small mouth is much narrower and I’ve used this more often at the gym and throughout my working day. I’ve used both the wide mouth and small mouth out on hikes and generally prefer it for hiking.

The small mouth has a rubberised base which makes it quite grippy, so it’s ideal for use outdoors on unstable surfaces. I did find however that due to the grippy base, squeezing the bottle into small spaces isn’t quite as easy as the base offers some resistance, the benefit of this though is that if you place the bottle in an outer pocked in your backpack rather than inside it, it’s less likely to fall out!

Both bottles are great to use, and I keep them both constantly full of filtered water. One comes out to the gym with me, whilst the other stays by my side throughout the working day.


  • Good quality bottles
  • Nice colour options available
  • Wide selection of sizes and styles to choose from
  • Both bottles offer good insulation properties
  • 4 different mouth options from small mouth up to wide mouth water bottles
  • Competitively priced compared to some other well-known insulated water bottles


  • The seal leaked on the wide mouth when boiling hot water was inside, but this improves as the water cools and there were no leaks at all from cold liquids
Super Sparrow Insulated Water Bottle

The verdict

Our Rating

Quality 4/5

Practicality 4/5

Looks 5/5

Value 4.5/5

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Temporary leakage of boiling hot water aside, I’m happy with the quality of both bottles and if push came to shove, I think if I had to choose my favourite, it would be the wide mouth version.

I love the bright vibrant colours and they are effective at keeping water cold, even overnight. When I take one out of the fridge at night to place one on my bedside table, the water is still cool in the morning.

Super Sparrow water bottles are very competitively priced and performance-wise, they largely compare favorably to pricier water bottles, such as Chilly’s and Hydro Flask.

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to Super Sparrow who supplied the featured product to us to test. We were not paid to write this review.

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