GEAR | Outdoors With the Lifesaver Liberty Water Purifier Bottle – Review

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What is it?

The LifeSaver Liberty Water Filter RRP £89.99



  • Worlds’ first and only portable water purifier with bottle and pump combined
  • Removes 99.99% of all Virus’, Bacteria and Cysts
  • Filters up to 2,000 Litres with each cartridge
  • FailSafe technology
  • No chemicals or electric required
  • Includes 5ft Hose for direct filtering
  • Attaches to most wide-mouth containers
  • 5 colours available

What I thought

When I’m spending time outdoors, often for several days at a time, carrying vast amounts of water with me very quickly becomes a drag.

A water purification bottle that I could easily refill on the go seemed like the perfect solution and I was keen to see how a portable purifier would change my outdoor experience.

Liberty lifesaver review

As somebody who is always keen to try out the newest tech I was really interested in the idea of having a water bottle that did it all, and as the LifeSaver Liberty has both the pump and a storage bottle combined into one it seemed like the perfect choice, even if it was slightly more expensive than some similar options I’d previously looked at.

First impressions

After unwrapping the parcel that the Liberty arrives in you instantly get a sense of quality just from the packaging and suddenly the price tag makes more sense. It’s very rare these days that you feel a sense of excitement just from looking at the box!

Being fortunate enough to live close to the Lake District, rain is never far away, and with it of course plenty of water sources to be found, in fact many more than I even realised before the LifeSaver Liberty came into my life.

The water bottle itself is somewhat bulkier than a regular water bottle, but of course the benefit is that you can use any water source to collect water and the added hose makes it extremely easy to fill the bottle.

Very quickly I found myself grabbing the Lifesaver for every outdoor adventure, from brief walks in the Lake District to several day expeditions, the Lifesaver was immediately a necessity.

I found the LifeSaver Liberty especially useful during high intensity days out when I would very quickly find myself consuming lots of water, especially when going rock climbing trips a few days long. I no longer had to ration my water throughout the day which ultimately lead to me having a much more care-free experience of the outdoors.

Liberty lifesaver review

Any improvements that could be made?

The only gripe I have is that occasionally a small amount of water would leak out via the hose attachment but with clever packing, which every outdoor enthusiast has to factor in anyway, this problem becomes null and void.

Liberty lifesaver review

Final say

I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that many of my outdoor experiences have been vastly improved since the LifeSaver Liberty arrived and going forward, it will be a must-pack essential for my outdoor adventures.

Thankfully, since the LifeSaver Liberty is able to clean 2,000 litres of water per filter, it should be quite a while before I even need to start thinking about spending any further money on maintaining this great bit of kit.

Adventuring has now become a considerably lot easier!

Thank you to Icon LifeSaver Ltd for supplying the featured product. We were not paid to write this review.