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You might have seen our recent ultimate list of camping tips and hacks article which we compiled based on over 25 years camping experience. However, when researching the article once our inspiration began to waver, we came across a whole heap of camping hacks that could only be described as utterly ridiculous.

If you need a bit of a lighthearted laugh, then read on for the most ridiculous camping hacks we’ve ever come across!

Ridiculous Camping Hacks You Should Definitely Never Try
Why make an omelette the usual, fast easy way when you can boil it in a plastic bag instead? 🤮

1. Store food in an upside-down umbrella suspended from a tree to deter ants. Er no?

We have SO many questions about this one. Firstly, why wouldn’t you store food inside your tent? Or outside of your tent in a cool box, sealed plastic container or food bag? Secondly, why oh why would you store it in an upside-down umbrella where it can attract flies, get rained on, eaten by birds or robbed?!

2. Glue sandpaper to your match container. Why exactly?

Radical thought here, but how about keeping your matches in the match box they came in which already has a rough surface you can strike the matches on?

We think the purpose of this ‘hack’ is so that you can keep your matches dry in bad weather, but if you’re making a DIY plastic container and gluing sandpaper on, wouldn’t it just be eaiser to put the entire match box inside the plastic container?

3. Make toothpaste dots and let them dry out. Really?

Toothpaste comes in miniature travel size tubes. They take up next to no space and weigh next to nothing, so why would you go to the bother of making dried toothpaste dots?

I mean we can kind of get this for ultra-light backpackers (though it still seems ott), but for your average family camper or festival-goer, just take a miniature toothpaste for heaven’s sake!

4. Take a rake camping for roasting marshmallows over the fire. I’m sorry, what?!

Rakes are enormous and have super long handles. I can’t think of anything more cumbersome and odd to take camping, apart from perhaps a grandfather clock.

Marshmallows are much more easily roasted on sticks (small twigs will do if you forget to take along kebab sticks), but a rake?!

5. Boil Omelettes In A Plastic Bag. Ewww!

Now this one might split opinion, but omelettes are one of the easiest camping meals you could possibly make and if you are taking a pan to boil water in, then you’ve probably got room for a frying pan too.

If you absolutely can not cope with doing any washing up when camping, then I suppose this leaves you with less to clean up, but really, after making an omelette, any non stick pan should just need a wipe with a piece of kitchen paper.

What’s stranger still, is that this camping hack is all over Pinterest, but it’s also recommended for when you’re at home, which makes even less sense as far as we’re concerned. I think we’ll stick to making omelettes the usual way thanks.

Over to you

Do you disagree, would you actually try any of the above?

Perhaps you’ve come across other camping hacks that are utterly ridiculous? We’d love to hear your #WorstCampingHacksEver in the comments below!

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