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A decent breakfast at the campsite doesn’t always need to be elaborate or time-consuming. Porridge makes a brilliant breakfast for myriad reasons, pop that porridge into a pot and you’ve got the perfect instant camping breakfast...

Moma Porridge Pots for Camping Review

What is it?

Moma Jumbo Oat Plain Porridge Pots £1.30

As well as being available in most supermarkets, you can buy Moma porridge pots online;


I’ve always been a big porridge fan and about 10 years ago, with the emergence of porridge pots, they became a camping staple for me. My go to, for the past few years, has been Moma porridge pots.

All Moma porridge pots are gluten-free, and my favourite, is their plain porridge pot which also benefits from containing no added sugar.

Moma plain porridge pots review

Moma porridge uses British jumbo oats and just requires hot water to make, so pop the kettle on, pour in some water, give it a couple of stirs, wait a few minutes before then eat and enjoy!

The biggest reason why I take porridge pots camping is that there’s zero faff. It’s super quick to eat something filling and hot but there’s the added benefit of having no mess, with no need wash out any pans when I’m done.

Moma plain porridge pots review

Taste-wise, having been buying porridge pots for many years now, these are my favourite, with a rich creamy texture. I choose plain because I can then add things should I wish to, often a little blob of agave and a sprinkle of chia seeds, but fresh fruit works well too.

Moma porridge pots are available in a variety of flavours and you can also get porridge subscriptions and oat milk delivery too!

DISCLOSURE | We were gifted some Moma porridge pots. We were not paid to write this review.

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