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The Boot Buddy

What is it?

The Boot Buddy £21.99

  • Free delivery on orders over £25
  • New vibrant colours now available
  • Comes with a branded microfibre towel
  • Portable & uses less than 300ml of water
  • Fast and easy way to clean footwear
  • One year no-quibble guarantee


The verdict

After a particularly muddy run and several equally muddy walks, a friend posted about receiving a Boot Buddy and I realised it would be the ideal thing to clean up my boots and trainers.

I recalled seeing the product on Dragons Den years ago and remarked what a clever Idea I thought they were, then promptly forgot all about them until now.

I ordered mine direct form the Boot Buddy website as they have the best selection of colours and as soon as mine was delivered (which only took a couple of days) I headed straight outside to tackle my walking boots that were caked in dried mud.

To clean my boots previously, as I have neither a utility room nor outdoor tap, it generally involves me rummaging around to find my old washing up bowl and an old scrubbing brush. I then fill the washing up bowl with warm water and washing up liquid before scrubbing them clean. It’s a messy affair and usually ends up with a dropped boot submerged in soapy water and mud spatter all over the place.

I was keen then to see how the Boot Buddy compared and whilst it’s essentially little more than a scrubbing brush with a water tank, it does the job brilliantly.

Boot Buddy footwear cleaner

My only slight niggle was that with my joint condition, by the time I got to my second boot, my hand was a bit sore from holding it and I could have done with it being ever so slightly smaller for the size of my hands. A slightly smaller version might make it easier for kids to use too.

The bristles were firm enough to do the job, but not so stiff I felt like my boots or fancy new running shoes could be damaged. You can easily adjust the flow of water by turning the brush head, opening it fully to let more soapy water out or to rinse your boots off when you’ve finished scrubbing.

Boot Buddy footwear cleaner

We’ve used it on 2 pairs of walking boots and 1 pair of running shoes so far and the bristles have retained their shape well. Cleaning it off afterwards is a simple case of running it under the tap and you’re all done!

The Boot Buddy comes with a microfibre towel, ideal for placing shoes on to air-dry afterwards or to protect whatever surface you choose to clean your boots on. We did ours outside on the garden table and then gave the garden table and chairs a good scrub afterwards too, removing the grime that had accumulated over winter.

Boot Buddy footwear cleaner

This is a great little gadget and an absolute must for anyone that spends time outdoors whether hiking, running or just walking the dog, which reminds me, they also do a doggy version with softer bristles, ideal for mucky paws.

My boots (shown above) were clean and mud-free with the minimum of effort and I’m so glad I finally got one!

The Boot Buddy costs from around £18.99 and you can buy it direct from or they are also available to buy on

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