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Swish to goWhat is it?

Swish To Go £3
Lemon Zest, Cool Mint & Mint Fresh options available


Swish to go

What did we think?

Swish To Go promises a handy way to keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh when you’re out and about. Each pack contains 6 individual saches and there are three different flavours to choose from.

Swish to go

On the packet it says to empty the contents of a packet into your mouth and swish it around for a few secons. Upon swishing around your mouth the granules quickly turn into gel. The packet says to swallow the gel, which I didn’t fancy doing, so instead, after swishing it around my mouth, I chose to spit it out.

“10 seconds to clean teeth and fresh breath. Just tear, tip, swish then swallow!”

They definitely leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed and whilst for our usual camping trips I’ll stick to my toothbrush and toothpaste, these sachets are brilliant for traveling, backpacking where space is at a premium and for festivals too.

It’s a definite thumbs up for Swish To Go from us!

Swish to go

Find out more about Swish To Go here.