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Looking for a stylish camp chair that offers great levels of comfort yet packs down to a compact size and is ultra light? Outwell Mount William camp chairs could be just what you’re after, read on for our full review.

Outwell Mount William Chair ReviewMrs Betty Owl chilling in the sunshine on a Mount WIlliam chair

What is it?

Outwell Mount William Compact Folding Camp Chair RRP: £85



  • Foldable with a very small pack size
  • Durable, easy-to-clean seat fabric with reinforced corner patches
  • Includes carrybag for easy storage and portability
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy-to-fold lightweight frame for very small pack size
  • High back with padded cushion for enhanced comfort

Outwell Mount William Camp ChairChair cover, carry bag and frame

The verdict

The main frame of the chair comes in so many sections, that when I first got everything out of the bag I was a little bit flummoxed. Putting the frame together though is actually very simple and intuitive. With each section connected by bungee cord, they simpy snap together to create the frame which is charactorised by relativley short legs and a tall high back.

Outwell Mount William Camp ChairThe chair frame waiting to be assembled

Outwell Mount William Camp ChairThe poles all easily snap together to asemble the chair frame

Once the frame is assembled the seat cover is then slotted into place. The whole process takes no longer than about 2 minutes.The first couple of times we used the chairs, it took a bit of effort to stretch the seat onto the frame, but with continued use the fabric has given a little making it much easier, and quicker to get the chairs up.

Whilst they do take slightly longer to put up than a typical folding camp chair, the reduced weight and pack size and resulting level of comfort from this chair is well worth the extra time.

This is the most comfortable camp chair I’ve owned.

In terms of good looks, the modern dark blue demin-look fabric is really nice and definitely appealed to me and once up, the chair has quite an unusual and distrinctive shape.

Of course the real test is in terms of comfort and as far as camp chairs go, apart from my enormous moon chair (which takes up far too much space for me to be able to use for its intended camping purpose and is highly impractical), this is the most comfortable camp chair I’ve owned.

Outwell Mount William Camp Chair The chair up inside my tent

The high back means that the chair is really supportive, allowing you to rest your head on the back of the chair. The slightly reclined position is good too, and I found the angle to be just right. Not so reclined I feel like I’m lying down, but I do find the position much more relaxed than a standard camp chair that leaves you sitting bolt-upright.

In terms of comfort, I like the Mount William chairs so much that I use them frequently, and not just for camping trips, but in the garden too, as they are ideal for realxing in the sunshine and they look so much more stylish than standard camp chairs.

Outwell Mount William Compact Camp Chair review

Final say

Although I absolutely love these chairs, a word of caution. They aren’t great on very soft ground. On a recent camping trip the ground was very soft following several days of heavy rain, although it wasn’t at all muddy, just somewhat spongy underfoot. The chair design seems to place far greater force on the back legs and so each time we used the chairs on grass, we sunk down into the ground.

Sadly, the rear plastic protective feet got lodged so far down that when we pulled the chair free, 2 of the protective feet got separated from the chair and were buried so deeply into the ground that we were unable to retrieve them.

That said, the chair is still perfectly usable and we probably should have anticipated that with such soft ground conditions, we’d have been better off keeping them inside the tent!

In terms of good looks, practicality, quality and comfort despite the soft ground issue, I would still highly recommend these chairs. They’ve been used on several camping trips since and they’ve not sunk into the ground again; I think we were just unlucky that we’d had such terrible weather immediately prior to that particular camping trip.

Outwell Mount William Chair ReviewMy sister enjoying a G&T in the sunshine on a recent family camping trip


  • I absolutely love the modern blue denim fabric of these chairs
  • The high back means they are super comfortable. It’s really nice to find a camp chair that offers head support which makes this chair  ideal for lounging around in the sun or sitting around a campfire in
  • Amazing pack size, much smaller than any other camp chairs that I have, and much lighter too
  • Quick and easy to put together, all the sections are on bungee cord and they easily pop together
  • Sturdy and really good quality fabric


  • Not ideal for use on very soft ground
  • Due to the relaxed, slightly reclined position, these chairs are best for chilling in and don’t make the best camping dining chairs

Outwell mount william camp chair

Thank you to Outwell who supplied the featured products for us to review. We were not paid for this review.

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