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The new neck tubes from Keela features ViralOff, which reduces 99% of viruses in 2 hours, helping to protect against nasty things like the Flu and Covid-19.

I wear neck tubes all the time, worn as a headband for hiking in the summer months and to warm my neck and pull up over the lower half of my face in winter. If they aren’t part of your walking wardrobe, once you get one you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it!

Mine in red matches my jacket perfectly!

The new Keela neck tube isn’t intended to protect against the likes of Covid, but it does provide you with some added protection and a little bit of extra peace of mind!

The new ViralOff collection of garments feature a textile treatment technology that provides the garments with a self-sanitising, anti-viral fabric that as a bonus, will also keep your clothes fresher for longer.

Keela ViralOff Neck Tube

The Keela ViralOff Neck Tube retails for a very reasonable £9.95 and is available in a number of different colours, including red, like mine.

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