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BlueRock has launched a new family-friendly bamboo toothbrush subscription service that supports marine life conservation. Read on to find out more.

BlueRock bamboo toothbrushes

Any little changes we can make as individuals helps towards reducing the shocking amount of plastic entering the ocean and damaging marine life.

I’ve been using bamboo toothbrushes for the last year, and I’d never go back to plastic disposable ones. Even if you generally use an electric toothbrush at home, for camping trips, nights away and holidays; occasions when you might be tempted to buy a traditional plastic toothbrush, switching to bamboo is a great thing to do and the new subscription service makes it even easier to consistently make a more environmentally sound purchasing decision.

BlueRock has announced the launch of their new family-friendly toothbrush subscription service including their new child’s toothbrush, BlueRock minis™, which helps to support marine life conservation.

BlueRock bamboo toothbrushes

Since launching in 2017, the bamboo toothbrush company, BlueRock has sold over 10,000 bamboo toothbrushes, of which many were destined for eco-savvy families. After finding it difficult to keep his own busy family home plastic-free, founder Seb Gauthier was inspired to simplify sustainable living for all with BlueRock’s bestselling classic bamboo toothbrush. BlueRock have now made changes to make life easier for customers by introducing coloured bristles to help households distinguish between each other’s toothbrush, along with the new streamlined subscription service and their new child’s toothbrush, BlueRock minis.

Designed specifically for young children, BlueRock minis have similar features to the adult range but are ideal for those between the ages of 3-9. They enable parents to teach kids about plastic-free living as well as marine life conservation due to a 10p donation for every toothbrush sold.

BlueRock bamboo toothbrushes

BlueRock Bamboo Toothbrush Subscriptions

The subscription process is entirely flexible and easy to setup with many options for adults and kids alike. The subscriptions are contract free so one can pause, cancel or change their subscription at any time. The new subscription model was inspired by the modern family to help streamline the process of buying new eco toothbrushes for the whole family. They offer a choice of a two month, three month and four month subscription as well as an annual gift subscription. .

Says Sebastien Gauthier, Founder of BlueRock: “We really listened to our fans, and especially the families who buy our toothbrushes, to provide them with a simple and effortless subscription service. With every toothbrush, we donate 10p to marine life conservation and feel that kids will also love supporting their ocean friends. It’s an exciting time for our customers as now the whole family can brush with bamboo.”

BlueRock toothbrush handles are made from FSC-certified Mao Bamboo cultivated on the slopes of Zhejiang, China. The bamboo handles are also naturally antibacterial, completely biodegradable and suitable for home composting.

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You can buy BlueRock Bamboo Toothbrushes at or you can sign up for the family subscription here.