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You might have spotted some of our past product reviews of CimAlp hiking gear which we rate very highly, but if you’ve never heard of the brand before, we thought we’d give you a bit of background information now that their UK website is fully up and running. Read on to find out more.

CimAlp outdoor gear

CimAlp is a French brand, created in 1964 by a passionate mountaineer and visionary, deeply committed to manufacturing technical products, accessible to the largest possible number of mountain enthusiasts.

50 years later, still established at the foot of the Alps between Vercors and Monts d’Ardèche, CimAlp now develops clothing and equipment for all-mountain activities: skiing, hiking, trekking, and above all Trail Running,
its No. 1 market.

Having switched to an online business model for almost 10 years, CimAlp’s ability to propose highly technical products at outstanding prices is now widely known. Some of those products being now essentials for the most demanding athletes, like the STORM 2 jacket, or the 864s, the first Trail Running shoes with progressive drop.

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Outstanding technical performance

Always aiming at offering improved comfort and thermal protection, CimAlp is also engaged in the development of fabrics and high-tech fibres.

A winning bet, as shown by the success of the patented Cyclone®
technology that allows up to 10 times faster moisture transfer (French Outdoor Award in the TRAIL category in Friedrichshafen) or the ULTRASHELL® membrane, 8 times more breathable than a regular hard-shell membrane and at the same time 20’000 Schmerber water-resistant.

Environmental commitment

In addition to this economic and technical dynamism, CIMALP also claims a strong environmental commitment, as an expression of its owners’, teams’ & customers’ philosophy.

By limiting the impact of its manufacturing processes (materials selection, toxic waste suppression) but also of its products, making every effort to engineer sustainable clothing able to mix pleasure and conscious consumption. Doing more and better with less.

You can see the full CimAlp range and buy online in the UK here.

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