FESTIVALS | 5 Great Reasons to Go to Bluedot Festival 2019

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I love music and I love science which makes Bluedot the perfect festival as far as I’m concerned. Cheshire based Bluedot festival has been running since 2016 and has since gathered a reputation for being quite simply “brilliant”. Seriously, everyone I know who’s been has said the same thing.

The format of the award winning 4-day festival is a little unusual in that it combines live music, expert talks, live and hands-on science experiments and art installations. This year is a really special year too, as Jodrell Bank, where the festival takes place, played a unique role in the Apollo 11 landing which took place in 1969, 50 years ago.

Bluedot festival cheshire jodrell bank 2019

1. Science Stuff Happens

With lectures and live science experiments taking place, Bluedot is like a dream come true for people like me who like to understand “stuff”. There’s no two ways about it, I’m a science geek. The only magazine I read and have a subscription to is New Scientist, my book shelf is full of books on Neuroscience and Psychics (most of which I don’t even remotely understand), oh and I have a massive fan-girl crush on Liz Bonnin who’ll be speaking at the festival.

Whilst we’re talking about science, in case you were wondering, the festival name is taken from an iconic 1990 photograph of earth taken by Voyager 1 called “Pale Blue Dot”. If you’ve not seen the photograph taken from a mind boggling 6 billion kilometers away, It’s a humbling and thought provoking image, see Pale Blue Dot.

2. The Lineup Is Ridiculously Good

I was gutted to miss the Chemical Brothers who headlined in 2018, but in 2019 we’ve got Kraftwerk and New Order. NEW ORDER! Not to mention the brilliant Hot Chip, Kate Tempest, John Grant, 808 state, Anna Calvi, Ibibio Sound Machine, the Go! Team and loads more. I know right?!

See the full Bluedot festival lineup.

3. The Location Is Beautiful

Located at Jodrell Bank in the heart of rural Cheshire, the sight of the enormous Lovell telescope (the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world no less) is always magical. Even though I live just down the road and drive past frequently, they (there’s the big showoffy one and a little dinky baby one right beside it) still fill me with a sense of awe and make me feel proud to be part of such an ingenuitive race.

4. The Festival Attracts Nice People

OK so this might be purely anecdotal, but I’ve only ever heard good things about the festival. From great write ups in the press to friends and colleagues who’ve been and reported back. It would seem that unlike the Leeds Festival, you won’t find naked drunk people sledging down hills on flaming lilos (seriously, it happened).

Bluedot festival seems to attract a slightly more refined, yet equally fun loving crowd and has a reputation for being friendly. Yeah OK sure quite a few of us going are somewhere on the geek-scale, but we know how to party too!

5. It Doesn’t Cost Too Much

With Bluedot festival tickets including camping available for £159, and having looked at how much some other festivals cost, I think it’s great value. They even offer payment plans too, helping you to spread the cost should you need to.

Weekend tickets go on sale on Thursday 24th January 2019 and cost £159, buy Bluedot festival tickets here.

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