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Lighthouse at landdwyn Island AngelseyA lighthouse on Llanddwyn Island

On the same weekend in November that we did the Aber Falls circular walk in North Wales, we also spent an enjoyable day in Angelsey, taking in Newborough Warren Nature Reserve and Llanddwyn Island.

newborough warrnen nature reserveConifer plantation fringing the long stretch of beach at Newborough Warren

Newborough Warren is a vast coastal nature reseve on the west coast of Angelsey and includes a conifer plantation, expansive sand dunes, saltmarshes and mudflats as well as the tidal island of Llanddwyn.

newborough warrnen nature reserve sand dunesApproaching the beach from the National Trust Carpark though the dunes

Looking back to the beach at Newborough Warren from Landdwyn IslandLooking back to the beach at Newborough Warren from Llanddwyn Island

Newborough Warren view towards SnowdonNewborough Warren beach, with a Llanddwyn Island lighthouse visible on the right

Newborough Warren beach is stunning, a long sweeping expanse of pristine golden sand with incredible views of the Snowdonia range looming ahead.


As well as spotting Oyster Catchers on the beach, we were also lucky enough to quietly observe the bobbed heads and posturing that I assume was the courting behaviour of two gulls, and slightly futher along on a large rock, we also spotted two adorable baby seals, which unfortuatenly without my long angle lens, were just distant specks! Cormorants, Ringed Plovers and Lizards are also a common sight here, though we didn’t spot any during our visit.

 Landdwyn IslandOyster Catchers on the beach


Seal pups at Landdwyn Island AngelseySeal pups on a rock just off the island


In terms of plant life, the area has plenty to offer with an abundance of wildflowers and rare plants. From Dune Pansies to Marsh Orchids, if plants are your thing, then there’s plenty to see here.

Lichen and moss on Llanddwyn Island

landdwyn Island Angelsey


As you leave behind the beach and approach Llanddwyn Island a visitor information sign provides information about the rich geological history of the island. The volcanic nature of the island really starts to become apparent once you head towards the larger of the two lighthouses, the rock there is an array of vibrant colours, patterns and and textures.

Volcanic rock on Landdwyn islandStunning Jasper and Melange rock formations

Pilots Cottages Landdwyn IslandBeautiful stone built Pilot’s cottages on the island

Llanddwyn Island

The name Llanddwyn actually means The church of St. Dwynwen, who is the Welsh patron saint of lovers. The island includes the remains of St Dwynwen’s Church, a site that once drew pilgrims from all over Wales.

A far off glimpse of one of the two lighthouses on the island

Beautifully carved gates at landdwyn IslandBeautifully carved gates at Llanddwyn Island

Cross Statue Landdwyn IslandOne of the prominent stone crosses on the island

The location is undeniably romantic, pehraps even more so on a wild and sprawly day in November. A simple cliff top picnic of cheese and crackers never tasted so good!

Our chosen picnic spot on Landdwyn IslandOur chosen picnic spot on Landdwyn Island

Lighthouse at landdwyn Island Angelsey

Lighthouse at landdwyn Island Angelsey

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