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We think that the versatile WonderFold X Series is the perfect solution for family campers and festival goers, read on to find out more.

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While family festivals involve dancing, listening to music and playing games, they also involve piggybacks, tired children and potentially lots of back pain. But not anymore!

This year, level up your family festival experience and let WonderFold do the heavy work for you. Designed with practicality and durability in mind, WonderFold’s X-Range offers features that cater specifically to navigating the lively and dynamic atmosphere of festivals.

Reasons Why The WonderFold’s X Series Is Wonderful

  • Lightweight, Compact Folding! for easy transportation and storage. At the end of the day, simply fold down your wagon for stress-free packing and convenient travel to and from the festival grounds.
  • So much room! Despite their compact size when folded, X-series wagons provide a spacious and comfortable interior. Safely transporting two or four children (depending on the model) with the 5-point harness safety belt, PLUS all your festival essentials, from picnic supplies to blankets and rain covers!
  • Built to last! Constructed to withstand the demands of festival life, these push/pull wagons feature a robust frame and sturdy wheels. The durable fabric ensures longevity of use, making these wagons reliable companions for active families.
  • Best seat in the house! Not just a transporter – the robust structure and versatile seating options mean they can be used for napping, picnicking or (with a rain cover) shelter from the rain!

As families gear up for their festival adventures, the WonderFold X2 and X4
ensures a stress-free and enjoyable festival experience. It’s a safe and comfortable ride that keeps children sheltered from the hot summer sun, has safety harnesses to keep them secure and has storage to keep your children’s favourite snacks and toys close by ensuring your children are always happy!

Available to buy via Baby Central and Amazon UK
RRP X2: £595.00 & RRP X4: £749.00

Investing in a camp trolley really did level up my own camping game and has made solo camping trips so much easier. I can easily move all of my camping gear to and from my pitch in just a couple of trips without hurting my back, but the quality of trolleys, including those that double up as wagons for kids varies hugely, so our advice is always to invest in quality and spend a little more on an investment that will last for many, many, happy years!

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