GEAR | Laugh in the Face of Rubbish Weather in a Funky November Rain Waterproof Poncho

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November rain poncho

What is it?

Oriental Bird print waterproof rain poncho £49.99
from November Rain

November rain poncho

I’ve had mine a few weeks now and have been out and about camping, glamping and walking in England, Wales and Scotland. Given the unpredictable weather the UK is prone to, keeping my November Rain poncho in the back of the car or inside my backpack has proved to be super useful. In fact, because it looks so good, I’ve whipped it out at every chance I’ve had!

November rain poncho

Should you get one?

Yes! The quality is excellent, they are effective at keeping you dry and don’t cling to you like some cheap ponchos do, and they don’t make you look like a massive frump either as they are so pretty. Ideal for wet camping set up and take down, festivals, dog walking and pretty much anything else that requires you to be outside in the rain.

Rain? Who cares if it rains when it gives you an excuse to don one of these funky waterproof rain ponchos! A must-have for festival goers and anyone who spends time outdoors, shop November Rain ponchos here.


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